Walking Towards Justice
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Walking Towards Justice

Democratization in Rural Life
 52:B&W 6.14 x 9.21in or 234 x 156mm (Royal 8vo) Case Laminate on White w/Gloss Lam
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52:B&W 6.14 x 9.21in or 234 x 156mm (Royal 8vo) Case Laminate on White w/Gloss Lam
Azril Bacal
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233x162x27 mm

This volume brings together some of the recent work of rural sociologists on democracy, in an effort to bring into sharper focus this work's distinctive contributions to understanding the question of what is and should be globalized, with particular emphasis on rural concerns and rural people.
Part 1 Rural Democratization in Theory: Democracy - the missing element in the market celebration, L. Busch; Milpas of the millennium - where will the excluded ones go if the system is global?, A. Bartra; Democracy in the era of globalization, A. Bonanno, R.J. Antonio; dialogue and democracy - creating the social conditions of good talk, M. Mayerfeld Bell; democracy - balancing market, state and civil society, C. Butler Flora; rural democratization in rich countries; global capital and the transformation of rural communities, T.A. Lyson; civic watershed communties, L. Wright Morton; are the new rural development programmes strengthening democracy in Europe? The case of southern Spain, E. Ramos and M. del Mar Delgado. Part 2 Rural Democratization in poor countries: opening democratic spaces in rural Mozambique, R.E. Galli; land inequality in democratic South Africa, F. Hendricks; democracy, class, and gender in land reform - the case of Zimbabwe, S. Jacobs; investing in indigenous people's territories, a new form of ethnocide? The Mapuche case, (J. Calbucura). Democratization processes in rural development (G. Landzuri Bentez).

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