Liverpool’s Own
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Liverpool’s Own

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Christine Dawe
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Liverpool's Own
Liverpool has been the birthplace or home to literally hundreds of extraordinary men and women. In this book Christine Dawe features a great many of them - from all eras and walks of life. Locally noteworthy figures, such as Kitty Wilkinson, who started the first public wash-houses in the city, Father Nugent, who rescued hundreds of starving orphans after the Irish Potato Famine, and Teddy Dance, who played a grand piano outside Marks & Spencers for many years and raised over £16,356,000 for Cancer Research, appear alongside some of the more famous faces from the past, including Rex Harrison and Bessie Braddock, as well as more contemporary figures, such as Ken Dodd, Cilla Black, Carla Lane, Ricky Tomlinson and Sir Simon Rattle. This book contains more than a hundred mini-biographies of Liverpool's famous sons and daughters - all of whom are illustrated. A perfect souvenir for visitors to the city, this is also essential reading for Liverpudlians everywhere, and is sure to appeal to those wanting to know more about these people's contributions to the great city we know today.

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