Country Boy
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Country Boy

Growing up in Norforlk 1940-60
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Colin Miller
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Colin Miller chronicles developments of the 1940s and '50s through the eyes of a Norfolk schoolboy and teenager.
Colin Miller was born in 1940 in Rollesby, a village near Great Yarmouth in the heart of Broadland Norfolk. In Rollesby, as in so many other rural communities at this time, drinking water was from a well, the lavatory was a bucket in an outside privy, transport was a bicycle or a bus and entertainment was provided by the radio, whist drives at the village hall or a rare visit to the cinema.

As the 1940s and 50's progressed this way of life altered dramatically, some would say disappeared - and Colin Miller chronicles these changes through the eyes of a Norfolk schoolboy and teenager. Developing themes such as school days, health, work, entertainment, sport and leisure, this honest and thoughtful account also includes brief extracts from the local newspapers, reporting local events and illustrating the social change experienced by the author.

Country Boy will bring back many memories for anyone who grew up in rural Britain in the 1940s and '50s - and will also remind subsequent generations of how much life changed in just a couple of decades.

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