New Frontiers in China’s Foreign Relations

New Frontiers in China’s Foreign Relations
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Zhongguo Waijiao de Xin Bianjiang
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Ren Xiao
Challenges Facing Chinese Political Development
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The book presents the views of leading Chinese and American scholars working in the fields of Chinese foreign policy, national security and international political economy. It seeks to challenge the conventional wisdom about China's recent rise, contending it is a much more complex and contested trend than it has often been portrayed to be.
This book stands as a rebuke to any who would attempt to forward simplistic interpretations of China's rise. In place of parsimonious arguments, or an endorsement of any singular set of images (whether pacific or confrontational), it repeatedly calls attention to the remarkable complexity of China's emerging international profile. More specifically, the leading Chinese and American scholars working in the fields of Chinese foreign policy, international political economy, and national security, who contributed to this volume argue that while China appears to be entering a new era in its relationship with the outside world, such a development encompasses disparate, even contradictory, policies, and, as a result, there is a great deal of fluidity within China's place in world politics.
Chapter 1 Introduction. A Time of Some Significance: The People's Republic at Sixty and New Frontiers in Chinese Foreign Relations
Part 2 Part I: Foreign Relations

Chapter 3 Chapter 1. The Moral Dimension of Chinese Foreign Policy

Chapter 4 Chapter 2. Unconventional Sources of Chinese Insecurity: What The Emergence of NTS Concerns within Chinese Foreign Policy and National Security Circles Reveals about China's "Rise"

Chapter 5 Chapter 3. Shaping China's Foreign Policy: The Paradoxical Role of Foreign-Educated Returnees

Part 6 Part II: Domestic-Foreign Policy Nexus

Chapter 7 Chapter 4. The Economic Factor in Chinese Foreign Policy

Chapter 8 Chapter 5. China's Domestic Policy Fragmentation and "Grand" Strategy in Global Politics

Part 9 Part III: National Security Concerns

Chapter 10 Chapter 6. Security Policy and China's Defense Modernization: A Sixty-Year Perspective

Chapter 11 Chapter 7. Strategic Priority and Choice: China's Search of Security in an Era of Multiple Threats

Chapter 12 Chapter 8. Pragmatic Compliance: China's Policy toward Multilateral Export Control Regimes

Part 13 Part IV: Emerging and Future Issues

Chapter 14 Chapter 9. Chinese Foreign Policy Challenges: Periphery as Core

Chapter 15 Chapter 10. China's Foreign Policy in a Globalized World: Challenges and Opportunities

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