Restorative Justice in a Prison Community
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Restorative Justice in a Prison Community

Or Everything I Didn't Learn in Kindergarten I Learned in Prison
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Cheryl Swanson
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This book provides a unique perspective on how restorative justice works in an actual prison setting. Theory, practice, research findings, and the illustration of concepts through inmate writings make this an excellent vehicle for learning more about alternatives to our present approach to crime and punishment.
Americans are frustrated with prisons. They recognize the need for these institutions, but at the same time, they worry about whether the money used to build and maintain them is well spent. Older prisons are dirty, disgusting, and dangerous, but even newer facilities come up lacking in terms of offering inmates opportunities to take responsibility for their crimes, support their loved ones, further their education, learn job skills, and develop positive relationships in healthy, safe, respectful communities. This book provides insight into the philosophy of restorative justice, which aims to develop ways we can manage our prisons differently to achieve more positive outcomes. Using the case study of an honor dorm in a maximum security prison, the book posits that most of the inmates never learned the basic tools for living life productively and responsibly. They never thought much about their victims or how their actions affected others. They never learned how to get along with others, pick up after themselves, or how to be of service to their fellow man. Swanson uses the writings and reflections of inmates participating in a restorative justice program to demonstrate the challenges and transformative possibilities of this alternative approach to rehabilitation.
Chapter 1 Introduction: A Blueprint for this Book
Chapter 2 Improvement Needed

Chapter 3 Restorative Justice in Prison Communities

Chapter 4 Restorative Justice Goes to W.C. Holman Correctional Facility

Chapter 5 Learning to Play with Others

Chapter 6 Cleaning Up After Yourself

Chapter 7 Learning the ABCs

Chapter 8 Working with Others

Chapter 9 Getting to the Next Grade

Chapter 10 How Guardians See It

Chapter 11 What's Next?

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