The African-British Long Eighteenth Century
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The African-British Long Eighteenth Century

An Analysis of African-British Treaties, Colonial Economics, and Anthropological Discourse
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Tcho Mbaimba Caulker
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This book traces the emergence of British colonial administration in West Africa during the long eighteenth century through analysis of colonial archival documents, such as the African-British Treaties and the Reports of the British Sierra Leone Company, and concludes with analysis of The Last Harmattan of Alusine Dunbar by Syl Cheney-Coker, a postcolonial novel that examines the eighteenth century period.
Tracing the development of British colonial administration in West Africa over the course of the long eighteenth century, Caulker illuminates the solidification of the administration as it goes through a learning process of power. This book analyzes the documents and treaties that the indigenous peoples of eighteen-century Sierra Leone made with their future British colonizers, and compares them with the writings of Adam Smith to uncover a colonial philosophy linking European economic success with the process of civilizing Africa through moral education. A discussion of other archival materials demonstrates the ways that an emerging anthropological science and pseudo-scientific methodology contributed to colonial ventures and exploration. The book concludes with an analysis of the postcolonial novel The Last Harmattan of Alusine Dunbar, demonstrating that the study of this long eighteenth-century archive has as much to do with the present postcolonial era as it does with the period of African colonization.

Chapter 1 Introduction: The African-British Long Eighteenth Century
Chapter 2 Long Eighteenth-Century Fictive Literature and Filling Vacuum of Africa

Chapter 3 British-African Treaty-Making and the Construction of a British Colonial State in Sierra Leone

Chapter 4 Reading the British Sierra Leone Company: Colonial Economics and Moral Philosophy of the Long Eighteenth Century

Chapter 5 Natural Science, Exploration, and the Colonial Project in West Africa

Chapter 6 The Last Harmattan on Alusine Dunbar, and Bringing the Long Eighteenth-Century Archival Past into the Postcolonial Present

Chapter 7 Epilogue: The African-British Long Eighteenth Century and Imagination

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