Metamorphoses of the Zoo
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Metamorphoses of the Zoo

Animal Encounter after Noah
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Ralph R. Acampora
Toposophia: Sustainability, Dwelling, Design
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Metamorphoses of the Zoo marshals a unique compendium of critical interventions that envision novel modes of authentic encounter that cultivate humanity's biophilic tendencies without abusing or degrading other animals. These take the form of radical restructurings of what were formerly zoos or map out entirely new, post-zoo sites or experiences. The result is a volume that contributes to moral progress on the inter-species front and eco-psychological health for a humankind whose habitats are now mostly citified or urbanizing.
Metamorphoses of the Zoo: Animal Encounter After Noah is a volume dedicated to radically transformative approaches to spaces set aside as zoological parks or gardens. Historically, these establishments served as symbols of power and venues for entertainment, but today, they have taken to portraying themselves as flagships of environmental education, scientific research, and wildlife conservation. Along with the past century's turn in exhibition design toward increasingly naturalistic architecture, such portrayals have been received by many in an uncritically positive light. At the same time, it remains clear that zoos are immensely popular attractions, drawing hundreds of millions of visitors globally per year. This level of participation is consistent with the suggestion that humans harbor a strong sense of biophilia, one which moves them to seek out diverse life-forms when their own territories become too biologically homogenous; from such a vantage, it is no accident that zoos are most often situated in urban(izing) areas. Metamorphoses of the Zoo emphasizes creative and reconstructive analyses of zoos that do not simply advocate marginal reform or quick abolition. By focusing on issues such as interspecies progress and eco-psychological health, this unique collection will satisfy those in disciplines ranging from ecophilosophy to humanistic psychology to environmental studies.
Chapter 1 Introduction - Off the Ark: Restoring Biophilia
Chapter 2 Chapter 1 - Zoos as Welfare Arks? Reflections on an Ethical Course for Zoos

Chapter 3 Chapter 2 - Nooz: Ending the Exploitation of Zoos

Chapter 4 Chapter 3 - Through a Frame Darkly: A Phenomenological Critique of Zoos

Chapter 5 Chapter 4 - Beyond Zoos: Marianne Moore and Albrecht Dürer

Chapter 6 Chapter 5 - Respectful Stewardship of a Hybrid Nature: The Role of Concrete Encounters

Chapter 7 Chapter 6 - Whale and Human Agency in World-Making: Decolonizing Whale-Human Encounters

Chapter 8 Chapter 7 - Boring a Wormhole in the Zoological Ark

Chapter 9 Chapter 8 - Open Door Policy: Humanity's Relinquishment of "Right to Sight" and the Emergence of Feral Culture

Chapter 10 Chapter 9 - Earth Trusts: A Quality Vision for Animals?

Chapter 11 Chapter 10 - From Zoo to Zoöpolis: Effectively Enacting Eden

Chapter 12 Chapter 11 - Zoöpolis

Chapter 13 Chapter 12 - Inventionist Ethology: Sustainable Designs for Reawakening Human-Animal Interactivity

Chapter 14 Afterword - Following Zootopian Visions

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