Authorial Ethics
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Authorial Ethics

How Writers Abuse Their Calling
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Robert Hauptman
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Authorial Ethics is a study of the ways in which writers abrogate their implicit and explicit commitment to honesty and truth. It encompasses all disciplines and is both theoretical and applied.
Authorial Ethics is a normative study that deals with the many ways in which writers abuse their commitment to truth and integrity. It is divided by academic discipline and includes chapters on journalism, history, literature, art, psychology, and science, among others. Robert Hauptman offers generalizations and theoretical remarks exemplified by specific cases. Two major abrogations are inadvertent error and purposeful misconduct, which is subdivided into falsification, fabrication, and plagiarism. All of these problems appear in most disciplines, although their negative impact is felt most potently in biomedical research and publication. Professor Mary Lefkowitz, the classicist, provides an incisive foreword.

Chapter 1 Foreword
Chapter 2 Preface

Chapter 3 Preliminaries

Chapter 4

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 5 The Humanities

Chapter 6

Chapter 2. Journalism

Chapter 7

Chapter 3. History

Chapter 8

Chapter 4. Life Writing

Chapter 9

Chapter 5. Literature

Chapter 10

Chapter 6. Art

Chapter 11 The Social Sciences

Chapter 12

Chapter 7. Psychology and Sociology

Chapter 13

Chapter 8. Anthropology

Chapter 14 The Sciences

Chapter 15

Chapter 9. Physics and Biomedicine

Chapter 16 Other Areas

Chapter 17

Chapter 10. Business and Economics

Chapter 18

Chapter 11. Law

Chapter 19 Extrapolation

Chapter 20

Chapter 12. A Concise Theory of Authorial Ethics

Chapter 21

Chapter 13. Concluding Remarks

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