Once Iron Girls
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Once Iron Girls

Essays on Gender by Post-Mao Chinese Literary Women
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Hui Wu
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Once Iron Girls: Essays on Gender by Post-Mao Chinese Literary Women, brings together twenty-five essays of seven prominent writers, whose fiction and poetry have become classics in the teaching and study of Chinese women. Showcasing the feminist thinking and rhetoric of a unique generation of Chinese women writers, this anthology contributes to the globalization of the feminist canon and enhances the awareness of the various ways 'feminism' is defined in a cross-cultural context.
Available in English for the first time, Once Iron Girls: Essays on Gender by Post-Mao Chinese Literary Women brings together twenty-five essays by seven critically acclaimed writers, whose fiction and poetry have become classics in modern Chinese literature. Poetic, metaphoric, and sometimes playful and satiric, the essays discuss the material reality wherein Chinese women live and function. Reflecting on their experiences under Mao and in post-Maoist China, these essays vividly demonstrate that, despite equality of the sexes being the official position and women working equally demanding jobs as men, women are still considered servile to their male counterparts. Taken together, the collection shows Chinese women struggling for identity by discussing the issues that are important in their lives. Unlike Western feminists, they do not want to be seen as different from their male counterparts. Nor do they want to fall into Chinese terminology of being the same as men. Rather, these essays show that women want to be seen first and foremost as human and then as female. By showcasing the politics and poetics of Chinese women's essays to an English audience, Hui Wu's translations uncover the philosophy and purpose behind the literature of a unique generation of Chinese women, whose life experience finds no parallel in China and certainly not in the West.
Chapter 1 Introduction
Part 2 Bi Shumin

Chapter 3 A Writer's Fate

Chapter 4 Androgyny

Chapter 5 When Can Women Start Enjoying Life?

Chapter 6 Seeking Amazing Women

Part 7 Fang Fang

Chapter 8 Obedience versus Disobedience

Chapter 9 Women's Eyes

Chapter 10 On Women

Chapter 11 May My Dream Come True

Part 12 Han Xiaohui

Chapter 13 Gender Roles in Commercials

Chapter 14 I Don't Want to Be a Woman

Chapter 15 Three Autumnal Phases in a Day

Chapter 16 Women Don't Cry

Part 17 Hu Xin

Chapter 18 Women's Footprints of Pain

Chapter 19 A Pink Humor

Chapter 20 My View on Women

Part 21 Lu Xing'er

Chapter 22 Women's "Sameness" and "Difference"

Chapter 23 On "Femininity"

Chapter 24 One is Not Born a Woman

Chapter 25 Woman and the Crisis

Part 26 Shu Ting

Chapter 27 The Shadow of the Chaste Temple

Chapter 28 Give Her Some Space

Chapter 29 A Mirror of One's Own

Part 30 Zhang Kangkang

Chapter 31 We Need Two Worlds

Chapter 32 The "Grand" Realm versus the "True" Realm

Chapter 33 A Preface for Myself

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