Mass Media, Mass Propaganda
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Mass Media, Mass Propaganda

Understanding the News in the 'War on Terror'
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Anthony DiMaggio
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This work examines how the mainstream American media reacts to pro-war and anti-war themes throughout the 'War on Terror' in regards to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Using a political economy approach, the author addresses the ways in which corporations that own media reinforce official doctrines and propaganda by contrasting the content of American media to that of other global media.
Mass Media, Mass Propaganda analyzes a wide range of issues, domestic and international, concerning American and global news coverage of the U.S. 'War on Terror.' Topics reviewed include: media coverage of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, Iraqi civil war and resistance to occupation, September 11th and 'Operation Enduring Freedom' in Afghanistan, human rights violations in Iraqm domestic anti-way dissent and censorship, and potential future targets in the 'War on Terror.' This work approaches the study of media through a political economy analysis, examining the ways in which the American corporate media works to reinforce official views and propaganda, and the ways in which it challenges official pro-war platforms. A comparative approach is taken in contrasting the American mass media with other media institutions from the Progressive-Left American press, the British and Australian press, and Arab electronic media. Major models analyzed and evaluated throughout this work include the 'Propaganda Model,' developed by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman, and the 'Indexing Model,' elaborated upon by scholars such as W. Lance Bennett, Steven Livingston, and Jonathan Mermin.

Chapter 1 Table of Contents
Chapter 2 Introduction: Understanding the News in the War on Terror

Chapter 3 1 Public Trust, Media, and the War on Terror

Chapter 4 2 All the News that's Fit to Omit: A Background to Pro-War Media

Chapter 5 3 Weapons of Mass Diversion

Chapter 6 4 The Media's War

Chapter 7 5 Railing Iraqi Resistance: Insurgency, Militias, and the Unfolding Civil War

Chapter 8 6 Free Speech Fatalities

Chapter 9 7 A World of Orwellian Doublethink

Chapter 10 8 Doctrines of Media and State: Hailing Humanitarianism, Dismissing Disaster

Chapter 11 9 Catapult the Media

Chapter 12 10 Afghanistan and 9/11: The War on Terror Declared

Chapter 13 11 A Game Plan for Infinite War?

Chapter 14 Conclusion: A Movement for Progressive Media Reform

Chapter 15 Bibliography

Chapter 16 Index

Chapter 17 About the Author

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