Administration and the Other
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Administration and the Other

Explorations of Diversity and Marginalization in the Political Administrative State
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Kyle Farmbry
Innovations in the Study of World Politics
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The American state, with its various instruments of policy-making and implementation, has found itself wrestling with various policy challenges related to matters of marginalization. Administration and the Other uses historical cases to examine the social construction of groups in American policy and proposes using the various lessons that are often unspoken in discussions of the history and evolution of the field to launch a discourse of inclusion and connectivity.
Administration and the Other examines the social construction of groups of people and resultant policy impacts in the discourse of the American Republic from before its founding to the present. The book suggests that from pre-revolutionary interactions between early colonialists and Native Americans to recent immigration debates, discourse on The Other has resulted in the development of policies that have led to further marginalization, community division, and harm to scores of innocents within the public sphere. Ultimately,Administration and the Other examines the construction of The Other from a sociological and historical framework to engage students and scholars of political and administrative processes in using the often unspoken history of the field, as part of a larger historical framework, to explore how policy has been shaped in relation to marginalized communities. By presenting elements of history that are frequently not entered into the administrative and political discourse, the book aims to frame a conversation that might lead to the integration of thoughts about the often marginalized Other into discussions of policy-making and policy-implementation processes.
Part 1 PrefacePart 2 IntroductionChapter 3 Chapter 1. Theoretical FoundationsPart 4 Part I. The Early RepublicChapter 5 Chapter 2.The Expert in an Era of American EnlightenmentChapter 6 Chapter 3. SlaveryChapter 7 Chapter 4. The Native American as the OtherPart 8 Part II. The Founding EraChapter 9 Chapter 5. Social Science and the OtherChapter 10 Chapter 6. The African American Male as the OtherChapter 11 Chapter 7. The Immigrant as the Other-Part IPart 12 Part III. Transitional ConcernsChapter 13 Chapter 8. Housing the OtherChapter 14 Chapter 9. The War on PovertyChapter 15 Chapter 10. Educating the OtherPart 16 Part IV. The Other in an Era of Late ModernityChapter 17 Chapter 11. Welfare and the OtherChapter 18 Chapter 12. Counting and Categorizing the OtherChapter 19 Chapter 13. The Immigrant as the OtherPart 20 Conclusion

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