Embodying Asian/American Sexualities
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Embodying Asian/American Sexualities

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Gina Masequesmay
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Embodying Asian/American Sexualities is an accessible reader designed for use in undergraduate and graduate American studies, ethnic studies, gender and sexuality studies, and performance studies classes as well as for a general public interested in related issues. It contains both overviews of the field and scholarly interventions into a range of topics, including history, literature, performance, and sociology.
This book is conceived as a reader for use in American studies, Asian American studies, ethnic studies, gender studies, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender studies, performance studies, and queer studies. It also contains new scholarship on Asian/American sexualities that would be useful for faculty and students. In particular, this volume highlights materials that receive little academic attention such as works on Southeast Asian migrants, mixed race cultural production, and Asian/American pornography. As an interdisciplinary anthology, this collection weaves together various forms of 'knowledge'_autobiographical accounts, humanistic research, community-based work, and artistic expression. Responsive to the imbrication of knowledge and power, the authors aspire to present a diverse sample of discourses that construct Asian/American bodies. They maintain that the body serves as the primary interface between the individual and the social, yet, as Elizabeth Grosz noted over a decade ago, feminist theory, and gender and sexuality studies more generally, 'has tended, with some notable exceptions, to remain uninterested in or unconvinced about the relevance of refocusing on bodies in accounts of subjectivity.' This volume attempts to address this concern.
Chapter 1 1. Embodying Asian/American Sexualities
Chapter 2 2. The Rice Room: Scenes from a Bar

Chapter 3 3. Pornography and Its Dis/Contents: A Roundtable Discussion with Anjali Arondekar, Richard Fung, and Sylvia Chong

Chapter 4 4. The One That She Wants: Margaret Cho, Mediatization, and Autobiographical Performance

Chapter 5 5. Novell-Aah!: A Short Play

Chapter 6 6. And the Crow Cries Before He Dies: A Brandon Lee Spoken Word Soliloquy

Chapter 7 7. Queer Theory and Anti-Racism Education: Politics of Race and Sexuality in the Classroom and Beyond

Chapter 8 8. The Anxiety Over Borders

Chapter 9 9. An Interview with Pauline Park

Chapter 10 10. Public Agenda and Private Struggles: Khmer Girls in Action

Chapter 11 11. Family, Citizenship, and Selfhood in Luong Ung's First They Killed My Father

Chapter 12 12. Homosexuality and Korean Immigrant Protestant Churches

Chapter 13 13. Finding Fellatio: Friendship, History, and Yone Noguchi

Chapter 14 14. Ghosts

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