Desi Rap
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Desi Rap

Hip Hop and South Asian America
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Ajay Nair
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Desi Rap explores the connection between South Asian Americans and hip-hop as both a sociopolitical/cultural movement and performative identity. This groundbreaking collection of essays is the first book of its kind to interrogate ideas about ownership of culture while asserting the distinctness of South Asian American identity that has come through the use of and influence by hip-hop as a cultural art form.
Desi Rap is a collection of essays from South Asian American activists, academics, and hip-hop artists that explores four main ideas: hip-hop as a means of expression of racial identity, class status, gender, sexuality, racism, and culture; the appropriation of Black racial identity by South Asian American consumers of hip-hop; the furthering of the discourse on race and ethnic identity in the United States through hip-hop; and the exploration of South Asian Americans' use of hip-hop as a form of social protest. Ultimately, this volume is about broadening our horizons through hip-hop and embracing the South Asian American community's polycultural legacy and future.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2

Chapter I

Chapter 3

Chapter 1. My Hip Hop Life

Chapter 4

Chapter 2. Polyvalent Voices: Ethnic and Racialized Desi Hip Hop

Chapter 5

Chapter 3. Hip Hop Agitprop

Chapter 6

Chapter 4. B-Boys and Bass Girls: Sex, Style, and Mobility in Indian American Youth Culture

Chapter 7

Chapter 5. How Hip Hop Helped an Indian Girl Find Her Way Home

Chapter 8

Chapter 6. Making Brown Like Dat: South Asians and Hip-Hop

Chapter 9

Chapter 7. Outcaste

Chapter 10

Chapter II

Chapter 11

Chapter 8. Spoken Word

Chapter 12

Chapter 9. The Disjointed Artist

Chapter 13

Chapter 10. Beats, Rhythm, Life

Chapter 14

Chapter 11. Sounds from a Town I Love

Chapter 15

Chapter 12. Words from the Battlefront

Chapter 16

Chapter 13. An Ear to the Streets and a Vibe in the Basement

Chapter 17 Afterword

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