The Only Super Power
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The Only Super Power

Reflections on Strength, Weakness, and Anti-Americanism
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Paul Hollander
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The essays in The Only Super Power deal with present day American Society_its problems, critiques, and perceptions at home and abroad_with special reference to mass culture, multiculturalism, and radical Islam. Other items examine the aftermath of and continued responses to the fall of Soviet communism and the remaining communist systems.
In The Only Superpower: Reflections on Strength, Weakness, and Anti-Americanism, Paul Hollander examines anti-Americanism (including the relationship between the foreign and domestic varieties), American culture (especially mass culture), the lingering political and cultural influences of the 1960s, and the controversial relationship between the realms of the personal and the political. He also revisits the part played by hatred, and especially the scapegoating impulse, in social and political conflicts. The essays range widely, from Michael Moore's political celebrity, the American love for SUVs, and getting old in America to Islamic fanaticism and the aftermath of the fall of Eastern European communist systems.
Chapter 1 Introduction: The Pleasures of Hate and the New Anti-Americanism Chapter 2 Chapter I: The New Anti-Americanism Chapter 3 1. Anti-Americanism and a World-Class Hate Crime Chapter 4 2. Anti-Americanism: Murderous and Rhetorical Chapter 5 3. The Politics of Envy Chapter 6 4. Anti-Americanism and Moral Equivalence Chapter 7 Chapter II: Americana Chapter 8 5. Our Society and Its Celebrities Chapter 9 6. Watching Celebrities Chapter 10 7. Michael Moore: New Political Celebrity Chapter 11 8. The Chronic Ailments of Television News Chapter 12 9. Why Americans Like SUVs Chapter 13 10. Stereotyping and the Decline of Common Sense Chapter 14 11. An Islamic Requirement on Campus Chapter 15 12. History Repeats Itself: Tawana Brawley and the Exotic Dancer at Duke Chapter 16 13. Rehabilitating the Great Books: Literature and Life Chapter 17 14. The Counterculture of the Heart Chapter 18 15. Old and Busier Than Ever Chapter 19 16. American Travelers to the Soviet Union Chapter 20 Chapter III: Foreign Matters Chapter 21 17. Alexander Yakovlev Chapter 22 18. Violence of Higher Purpose Chapter 23 19. The North Korean Gulag Chapter 24 20. Admiring North Korea Chapter 25 21. The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution Chapter 26 22. Crossing the Moral Threshold and the Rejection of Communist Systems in Eastern Europe Chapter 27 23. Ambivalent in Amsterdam Chapter 28 24. Travel in the Peloponnesos Chapter 29 Chapter IV: The Survival and Replenishment of the Adversary Culture Chapter 30 25. The Resilience of the Adversary Culture Chapter 31 26. The Chomsky Phenomenon Chapter 32 27. The Banality of Evil and the Political Culture of Hatred Chapter 33 28. The Left and the Palestinians Chapter 34 29. The Personal and the Political in Lessing's Fiction Chapter 35 30. Haven in Cuba Chapter 36 31. Demystifying Marxism Chapter 37 32. Public Intellectuals and the God that Failed Chapter 38 Chapter V: In Conclusion Chapter 39 33. From a Builder of Socialism to Free-Floating Intellectual: My Politically Incorrect Career in Sociology

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