Criminal to Critic
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Criminal to Critic

Reflections amid the American Experiment
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James E. Palombo
Critical Perspectives on Crime and Inequality
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This is the true story of James Palombo who, via his transition from drug-dealing wise-guy and convict to social worker, professor, and world traveler, has come to understand the American experiment.
This autobiographical discourse traces the experiences of James Palombo from drug-dealing wise-guy and convict to social worker, professor, and world traveler. Along the way, and through his struggles, Palombo speaks to a variety of important issues relative to America—a country he sees as often at odds with its own identity. Combined with the research of Randall Shelden, Criminal to Critic raises significant and timely thoughts, ultimately serving as a bridge between academic and public audiences in encouraging a dialogue imperative to today's need for a more unified and civic-minded society.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2

Chapter I

Chapter 3 Jail

Chapter 4 Prison

Chapter 5 The New Place

Chapter 6 Getting Out

Chapter 7

Chapter II

Chapter 8 Getting On

Chapter 9

Chapter III

Chapter 10 Becoming an Academic

Chapter 11 Career Developments in California

Chapter 12 A Move to New York

Chapter 13

Chapter IV

Chapter 14 The European Experience

Chapter 15 The Far East

Chapter 16

Chapter V

Chapter 17 Europe and the Middle East

Chapter 18 Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Chapter 19

Chapter VI

Chapter 20 Conclusion: Rethinking America

Chapter 21 Afterword

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