The Man in Lower Ten
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The Man in Lower Ten

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Mary Roberts Rinehart
Dover Mystery Classics
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An attorney with a briefcase full of vital evidence narrowly avoids assassination but finds himself accused of murder. Written by "the American Agatha Christie" and the first detective novel to crack national bestseller lists.
Washington, D.C.-based attorney Lawrence Blakely has been asked by his partner to deliver some important documents to a client in Pittsburgh. In the course of his return trip, the occupant of the train berth opposite his ― the lower ten, which Blakely was supposed to have taken — is savagely murdered. Was Blakely the intended victim, and did the crime have something to do with his briefcase full of vital evidence? When the murder weapon turns up underneath his pillow, Blakely becomes the prime suspect and is forced to stay one step ahead of the police in an increasingly deadly mystery.Written by Mary Roberts Rinehart, "the American Agatha Christie," this was the first detective novel to crack national bestseller lists. According to The New York Times, "[Rinehart's] literary distinction lies in the combination of love, humor, and murder that she wove into her tales … She helped the mystery story grow up." The Man in Lower Ten was Rinehart's debut novel, and it remains a thrilling tale of homicide, mayhem, and romance.
I. Go to PittsburghII. A Torn TelegramIII. Across the AisleIV. Numbers Seven and NineV. The Woman in the Next CarVI. The Girl in BlueVII. A Fine Gold ChainVIII. The Second SectionIX. The Halcyon BreakfastX. Miss West's RequestXI. The Name was SullivanXII. The Gold BugXIII. Faded RosesXIV. The TrapdoorXV. The Cinemat graphXVI. The Shadow of a GirlXVII. At the Farmhouse AgainXVIII. A New WorldXIX. At the Table NextXX. The Notes and a BargainXXI. McKnight's TheoryXXII. At the BoardinghouseXXIII. A Night at the LaurelsXXIV. His Wife's FatherXXV. At the StationXXVI. On to RichmondXXVII. The Sea, the Sand, the StarsXXVIII. Alkison's StoryXXIX. In the Dining RoomXXX. Finer DetailsXXXI. And Only One Hand

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