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Autor: Dora Miriam Norton
ISBN-13: 9780486140469
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Freehand Perspective and Sketching

Dover Art Instruction
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The essential guide to rendering perspective, this classic manual uses a series of illustrated exercises and explanations to help artists and students master one of art's greatest challenges. More than 260 figures.
The essential guide to rendering perspective, Freehand Perspective and Sketching uses a series of illustrated exercises and explanations to help artists master one of art's greatest challenges. Generations of art students and amateurs have found it an indispensable resource of the time-honored principles and methods that empower artists to express themselves.More than 260 figures offer precise demonstrations in the representation of shapes, shadows, angles, and proportion. Author Dora Miriam Norton discusses how to combine these elements to create realistic-looking compositions, focusing primarily on the techniques of proportion and foreshortening. Freehand sketching, she explains, means drawing by the trained eye and judgment. This book provides a foundation of definite knowledge that enables artists to draw items individually or in groups without needing to see actual models.
IntroductionI. General DirectionsII. Pencil Measurement and the Picture PlaneIII. The EllipseIV. A Cylinder and a Cylindrical ObjectV. An Object above the Eye and the Cone PrincipleVI. A Cream JugVII. A Time StudyVIII. A Group of Cylindrical ObjectsIX. Cylindrical Objects Grouped with FruitX. A Group of Objects from Memory or InventionXI. The Cylinder Cone and Ball Grouped--A Problem for Original StudyXII. The Study of Straight Line ObjectsXIII. Drawing the Book in Two PositionsXIV. The Book with a Cylindrical ObjectXV. The Cylinder and Rectangular Block--A Problem for Original StudyXVI. The Further Study of Straight-Line Objects--A Cube at Angles with the Picture PlaneXVII. The Cube in Two Different PositionsXVIII. A Book at Angles to the Picture PlaneXIX. Two Books at Different Angles to the Picture PlaneXX. The Actual Center of the Circle and Measurement into the Picture by Parallel LinesXXI. Books with a Cylindrical ObjectXXII. The Study and Drawing of a HouseXXIII. A Building from the Photograph or a PrintXXIV. Type Forms Helpful in Understanding the House--The Square FrameXXV. The Square Pyramid and Square PlinthXXVI. The Square Frame Leaning on the Rectangular Block--A Problem for Original StudyXXVII. Cylindrical Objects when not VerticalXXVIII. A Group of Flower PotsXXIX. The Circular Frame in a Square FrameXXX. A Round WindowXXXI. The Clock--A ProblemXXXII. The ArchXXXIII. Interiors--A Room Parallel to the Picture PlaneXXXIV. Interiors--A Room at Angles to the Picture PlaneXXXV. Further Studies of InteriorsXXXVI. A ChairXXXVII. The Hexagonal Plinth in Two PositionsXXXVIII. Interior with a Tiled Floor XXXIX. The Hexagonal Prism and FrameXL. The Triangular Prism and Frame--A Problem for Original StudyXLI. The Study of Parallel PerspectiveXLII. A Street from the PhotographXLIII. Exceptions to the Use of the Flat Picture PlaneXLIV. ShadowsXLV. Out-of-doors WorkSolutions of ProblemsIndex

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Autor: Dora Miriam Norton
ISBN-13 :: 9780486140469
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Verlag: Dover Publications
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Seiten: 192
Sprache: Englisch
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