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Autor: Carl P. Russell
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Guns on the Early Frontiers

Dover Military History, Weapons, Armor
From Colonial Times to the Years of the Western Fur Trade
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Thoroughly documented reference identifies guns used in America during eastern settlement and westward expansion. The highly readable survey describes those who used and sold weapons as well as those who made them. 58 rare illustrations.
This thoroughly documented, authoritative, and highly readable book not only details the weapons used during the settlement and westward expansion of America but also describes their use by fur traders, trappers, soldiers, and Native Americans. The result is a lively historical examination of the momentous events that were strongly influenced by the gun trade.The text is augmented and enriched throughout with clearly identified illustrations of everything from antique muskets, flintlocks, repeating rifles, and howitzers to bullet molds, powder horns, and other firearm accessories.“An outstanding contribution to firearms literature. It sets its own standard.” — The New York Times.“For collectors, museum curators, archaeologist-historians, this book is — in its field — an essential contribution.” — Kirkus.“A Glossary of Gun Terms, ample footnotes most skillfully arranged, and illustrations … complement the text which achieves the miracle of scholarship without tedium.” — San Francisco Chronicle.
Chapter I Arming the American Indian The French Trade in Guns The Dutch and the Swedes The Bid Made by Spain The English Trade Effects of the American Revolution upon the Distribution of Guns to Indians Indian Guns in the United StatesChapter II Personal Weapons of the Traders and Trappers Muskets Blunderbusses Rifles Pistols Gunsmiths and GunsmithingChapter III Trade Muskets and Rifles Supplied to the Indians The Trade Gun Rifles Supplied to IndiansChapter IV Military Arms of the Fur-Trade Period Military Muskets Musketoons and Carbines United States Rifles United States PistolsChapter V Powder, Ball, and Accessories Gunpowder Powder Containers Leaden Missiles Gunflints Percussion Caps Cartridges Cartridge Boxes Gun WormsChapter VI Small Cannon of the Traders and the Military Swivel Guns Small Cannon Mounted on Boats Swivel Guns of the Musket Type Wheeled Cannon in the Fur Fields Frémont's Cannon Cannon in the Wilderness FortsAcknowledgmentsFinding ListNotesGlossary of Gun TermsBibliographyIndex

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Autor: Carl P. Russell
ISBN-13 :: 9780486140230
ISBN: 0486140237
Verlag: Dover Publications
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Seiten: 432
Sprache: Englisch
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