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Autor: George Ashdown Audsley
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The Ornamental Arts of Japan

Dover Fine Art, History of Art
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Assembled by a renowned art historian, these vivid illustrations offer spectacular examples of Japanese painting, printing, embroidery, lacquer work, and cloisonné, as well as masterpieces in ivory and porcelain.
Japanese art was virtually unknown in the West until the middle of the nineteenth century, when the island nation emerged from 200 years of self-imposed isolation. A passion for Japanese culture swept Europe, and this landmark publication opened the eyes of the world to the grace and beauty of Japanese design.George Ashdown Audsley, a leader in the revival of English decorative design and one of the first Britons to specialize in Japanese art, assembled this outstanding collection. Featuring 60 full-color plates, it offers spectacular examples of Japanese painting, printing, embroidery, lacquer work, and cloisonné as well as masterpieces in ivory and porcelain. Informative captions accompany each illustration. Art lovers, rare book collectors, and enthusiasts of Japanese culture will treasure this magnificent selection of timeless art.
1. Takao, the courtesan of Yoshiwara2. Ofuku throwing beans at a demon3. Kokuzo Bosatsu, the Bodhisavatta of Benevolence, Fudo, the Flame God, and Bishaman, one of the Deva Kings 4. Ori-han painting of monkeys in broad washes and penciling on e-ginu 5. Ori-han painting of monkeys6. Chiriman; waterlines, duck, and plants; head, neck, and tail feathers7. Crane on E-ginu8. Unknown legendary characters from an ori-han 9. Birds, landscapes and vegetation10. The descent of wicked souls into hell11. The descent of wicked souls into hell12. From a book of drawings by Katsugawa Shunshido13. From a book of drawings by Katsugawa Shunshido14. Maiden of the mist15. Cock and a hen standing on a drum16. Tortoise and crane17. The ship of good fortune followed by another ship and a crane18. Fukusa embroidery of silk and gold; bird's eyes are glass19. Fukusa embroidery20. Fukusa embroidery; falcon; tree, clouds, and perch; chords and tassels21. Fukusa embroidery22. Portion of an embroidered robe23. Back portion of a robe24. Woven fabric produced by the silk warp25. Fukusa woven fabric26. Binding of an Ori-hon;pattern of flowers, leaves, dragons and religious emblems27. Fukusa loom fabric28. Obi fabric29. Mythical bird Howo and the tree Kiri from a book of textile designs30. Woven pattern of small birds and flowers31. Silk and gold fabric brocade 32. Silk and gold fabric brocade33. Part of a costume obi34. Brocade weaving35. Brocade weaving36. Peony plant; part of an obi37. Lacquer box lids38. The mythical bird Howo39. The drum40. Black lacquer tabletop41. The celebrated poetess Shunzei42. Lacquer and polished wood43. Seed vessel and leaves44. Black lacquer on wood45. Lacquer on wood46. Ben-Kei figure47. Jar of gold48. Octagonal dish49. Two views of a jar50. Segments from a circular border51. Bottle of opaque and translucent enamel52. Tan-to (dagger); kodzuka handle; kiri badge; tsubas (sword-guards). 53. Print from a cloisonné jar.54. Sara of cloisonné enamel; kara kusa and detached diaper55. Sara of cloisonné enamel and thin metal work56. Ivory carvings: A woodman with wife and child; Goshishé signing the peace treaty with the Kingdom of Yetsu57. Ivory carvings: Seiwobo and child; Kuanwa holding a makimono; koché-né-mai (dance of the butterflies). 58. Ivory carving of the famous archer Tametomo and his sword-bearer59. Porcelain statuette of Usugomo60. Faience and lacquer figure of a mother and child

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Autor: George Ashdown Audsley
ISBN-13 :: 9780486139869
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