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Autor: Robert G. Olson
ISBN-13: 9780486119281
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An Introduction to Existentialism

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Indispensable guide, requiring no previous training in philosophy, stresses work of Heidegger and Sartre in an objective examination of the existentialist position. "It genuinely does what its title implies." ? Philosophical Books.
"The best book on this subject that I have so far read; it genuinely does what its title implies." — Philosophical Books"Should be of great help in dispelling some of the mystery that surrounds the subject." — Review of MetaphysicsAt one time or another almost everyone has reflected upon the major existentialist themes: the sources of despair and suffering, the triumph over adversity, the nature and limits of reason, the encounter of the individual with other humans and with society, authenticity, death, and freedom. This book is for serious readers for whom previous accounts have been either too impressionistic or too limited in scope, and who wish to approach the original texts with perspective and critical understanding. Although this is a first-rate work of scholarship, no previous training in philosophy is required of the reader. The topical treatment introduces not only the existentialist position on each topic but also supporting arguments, historical context, and the line of criticism adopted by contemporary philosophers who oppose the existentialist stand. Readers will also be rewarded with a good knowledge of individual representatives of the movement, particularly Sartre and Heidegger.
I Value Orientation The Ordinary Man's Values Values in Traditional Philosophy Existentialist Values Defense of Existentialist ValuesII The Human Condition The Anguish of Being Anguish Before the Here and Now Anguish of FreedomIII Reason and Unreason Philosophical Rationalism Empiricism The Existentialist AlternativeIV Freedom Non-existentialist Theories Modern Versions of Determinism The Existentialist Theory CriticismV Authenticity Heidegger on Authenticity Sartre on Authenticity Inauthenticity and Philosophical Error CriticismVI The Other The Historical Setting The Existence of the Other Authenticity and the Other CriticismVII Death Death and the Intense Life Heidegger on Death Sartre on Death Heidegger and Sartre Contrasted NOTES INDEX

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Autor: Robert G. Olson
ISBN-13 :: 9780486119281
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Verlag: Dover Publications
Seiten: 240
Sprache: Englisch
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