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Autor: Rod Stephens
ISBN-13: 9780471751465
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Sprache: Englisch
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Visual Basic 2005 Programmer's Reference

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Visual Basic 2005 Programmer's ReferenceVisual Basic 2005 adds new features to Visual Basic (VB) thatmake it a more powerful programming language than ever before. Thiscombined tutorial and reference describes VB 2005 from scratch,while also offering in-depth content for more advanced developers.Whether you're looking to learn the latest features of VB 2005 oryou want a refresher of easily forgotten details, this book is anideal resource.Well-known VB expert Rod Stephens features the basics of VisualBasic 2005 programming in the first half of the book. The secondhalf serves as a reference that allows you to quickly locateinformation for specific language features. It's a comprehensivelook at programming using the increased set of language optionsoffered with the VB 2005 release, confirming that there has neverbeen a better time to learn Visual Basic than now.What you will learn from this book:* The fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming withVisual Basic, including classes and structures, inheritance andinterfaces, and generics* How an application can interact with its environment, save andload data in external sources, and use standard dialogcontrols* The syntax for declaring subroutines, functions, generics,classes, and other important language conceptsWho this book is for:This book is for programmers at all levels who are eitherlooking to learn Visual Basic 2005 or have already mastered it andwant some useful tips, tricks, and language details.Wrox Programmer's References are designed to give theexperienced developer straight facts on a new technology, withouthype or unnecessary explanations. They deliver hard informationwith plenty of practical examples to help you apply new tools toyour development projects today.
Acknowledgments.Introduction.Chapter 1: IDE.Chapter 2: Controls in General.Chapter 3: Program and Module Structure.Chapter 4: Data Types, Variables, and Constants.Chapter 5: Operators.Chapter 6: Subroutines and Functions.Chapter 7: Program Control Statements.Chapter 8: Error Handling.Chapter 9: Introduction to Windows Forms Controls.Chapter 10: Forms.Chapter 11: Database Controls and Objects.Chapter 12: Custom Controls.Chapter 13: Drag and Drop, and the Clipboard.Chapter 14: OOP Concepts.Chapter 15: Classes and Structures.Chapter 16: Namespaces.Chapter 17: Collection Classes.Chapter 18: Generics.Chapter 19: Drawing Basics.Chapter 20: Brushes, Pens, and Paths.Chapter 21: Text.Chapter 22: Image Processing.Chapter 23: Printing.Chapter 24: Reporting.Chapter 25: Configuration and Resources.Chapter 26: Streams.Chapter 27: File-System Objects.Chapter 28: Useful Namespaces.Appendix A: Useful Control Properties, Methods, and Events.Appendix B: Variable Declarations and Data Types.Appendix C: Operators.Appendix D: Subroutine and Function Declarations.Appendix E: Control Statements.Appendix F: Error Handling.Appendix G: Standard Controls and Components.Appendix H: Form Objects.Appendix I: Classes and Structures.Appendix J: Generics.Appendix K: Graphics.Appendix L: Useful Exception Classes.Appendix M: Date and Time Format Specifiers.Appendix N: Other Format Specifiers.Appendix O: The Application Class.Appendix P: The My Namespace.Appendix Q: Streams.Appendix R: File-System Classes.Index.

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Autor: Rod Stephens
ISBN-13 :: 9780471751465
ISBN: 0471751464
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 1022
Sprache: Englisch
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