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Autor: Glenn Shepard
ISBN-13: 9780471745754
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How to Manage Problem Employees

A Step-by-Step Guide for Turning Difficult Employees into High Performers
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There was a time when people were committed to working hard andbeing productive in the work force. Today, however, some workershave an entitlement mentality and the labor pool includes somepeople who donâ??t want a job - just a paycheck. In responseto this trend, Glenn Shepard has written How to Manage ProblemEmployees. This comprehensive book will tell you how to set newhires up for success, structure compensation packages to maximizetheir involvement and work ethic, deal with problem areas beforethey become bad behavior, and motivate slow and often unmotivatedemployees. You'll learn the different personality types and how tohandle specific manifestations of each, including gossiping, backstabbing, direct confrontation, hypochondriacs, breaking the chainof command, and sarcasm, as well as how to terminate employeeswhile staying on solid legal ground.
Chapter 1. What Happened to the American WorkEthic?
Chapter 2. Becoming the Manager You Need toBe.

Chapter 3. Creating a Healthy WorkEnvironment.

Chapter 4. How Do I Avoid Hiring ProblemEmployees?

Chapter 5. Tamingthe CompensationMonster.

Chapter 6. How to Avoid LegalPitfalls.

Chapter 7. Why People Do the Things TheyDo.

Chapter 8. How to Get Employees to Come to Work and Be onTime.

Chapter 9. The Art ofDiscipline.

Chapter 10. Fighting Abuse of UnemploymentBenefits.

Chapter 11. How to Handle Daily Challenges ProblemEmployees Create.



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Autor: Glenn Shepard
ISBN-13 :: 9780471745754
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Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 176
Sprache: Englisch
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