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Handbook of Sensor Networks

Wiley Series on Parallel and Distributed Computing
Algorithms and Architectures
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The State Of The Art Of Sensor Networks
Written by an international team of recognized experts in sensornetworks from prestigious organizations such as Motorola, Fujitsu,the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cornell University, andthe University of Illinois, Handbook of Sensor Networks: Algorithmsand Architectures tackles important challenges and presents thelatest trends and innovations in this growing field.

Striking a balance between theoretical and practical coverage, thiscomprehensive reference explores a myriad of possible architecturesfor future commercial, social, and educational applications, andoffers insightful information and analyses of critical issues,including:
* Sensor training and security
* Embedded operating systems
* Signal processing and medium access
* Target location, tracking, and sensor localization
* Broadcasting, routing, and sensor area coverage
* Topology construction and maintenance
* Data-centric protocols and data gathering
* Time synchronization and calibration
* Energy scavenging and power sources

With exercises throughout, students, researchers, and professionalsin computer science, electrical engineering, and telecommunicationswill find this an essential read to bring themselves up to date onthe key challenges affecting the sensors industry.


1. Introduction to Wireless Sensor Networking (FernandoMartincic and Loren Schwiebert).

2. Distributed Signal Processing Algorithms for the PhysicalLayer of Large-Scale Sensor Networks (An-swol Hu and Sergio D.Servetto).

3. Energy Scavenging and Non-traditional Power Sources forWireless Sensor Networks (Shad Roundy and Luc Frechette).

4. A virtual infrastructure for wireless sensor networks(Stephan Olariu, Ashraf Wadaa, Qingwen Xu, and IvanStojmenovic).

5. Broadcast authentication and key management for secure sensornetworks (Peng Ning and Donggang Liu).

6. Embedded operating systems for wireless micro sensor nodes(Brian Shucker, Jeff Rose, Anmol Sheth, James Carlson, Shah Bhatti,Hui Dai, Jing Deng and Richard Han).

7. Time Synchronization and Calibration in Wireless SensorNetworks (Kay Roemer, Philipp Blum and Lennart Meier).

8. The Wireless Sensor Network MAC (Edgar H. Callaway).

9. Localization in sensor networks (Jonathan Bachrach, andChristopher Taylor).

10. Topology construction and maintenance in wireless sensornetworks (Jennifer Hou, Ning Li, and Ivan Stojmenovic).

11. Energy efficient broadcasting, activity scheduling and areacoverage in sensor networks (David Simplot-Ryl, Ivan Stojmenovic,and Jie Wu).

12. Geographic and energy aware routing in sensor networks(Hannes Frey and Ivan Stojmenovic).

13. Data-centric protocols for wireless sensor networks (IvanStojmenovic and Stephan Olariu).

14. Path exposure, target location, classification and trackingin sensor networks (Kousha Moaveni-Nejad, and XiangYang Li).

15. Data gathering and fusion in sensor networks (Wei-Peng Chenand Jennifer Hou).


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