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Organizational Simulation

Wiley Series in Systems Engineering and Management
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From modeling and simulation to games and entertainment
With contributions from leaders in systems and organizationalmodeling, behavioral and social sciences, computing andvisualization, and gaming and entertainment, OrganizationalSimulation both articulates the grand vision of immersiveenvironments and shows, in detail, how to realize it. This bookoffers unparalleled insight into the cutting edge of the field,since it was written by those who actually researched, designed,developed, deployed, marketed, sold, and critiqued today's bestorganizational simulations.

The coverage is divided into four sections:
* Introduction outlines the need for organizational simulation tosupport strategic thinking, design of unprecedented systems, andorganizational learning, including the functionality and technologyrequired to enable this support
* Behaviors covers the state of knowledge of individual, group, andteam behaviors and performance, how performance can best besupported, how performance is affected by national differences, andhow organizational performance can best be measured
* Modeling describes the latest approaches to modeling andsimulating people, groups, teams, and organizations, as well asnarrative contexts and organizational environments within whichthese entities act, drawing from a rich set of modeling methods andtools
* Simulations and Games illustrates a wide range of fieldedsimulations, games, and entertainment, including the methods andtools employed for designing, developing, deploying, and evaluatingthese systems, as well as the social implications for theassociated communities that have emerged

Addressing all levels of organizational simulation architecturewith theories and applications, and enabling technologies for each,Organizational Simulation offers students and professionals thepremier reference and practical toolbox for this dynamic field.



1. Introduction and Overview (W. Rouse & K. Boff).

2. Strategic Thinking Via Organizational Simulation (W.Rouse).

3. Using Organizational Simulation to Develop UnprecedentedSystems (S. Cross).

4. The Learning Organization and Organizational Simulation (D.Andrews, et al.).

5. Requirements and Approaches For Modeling Individuals WithinOrganizational Simulations (E. Hudlicka &G. Zacharias).

6. Common Ground and Coordination in Joint Activity (G. Klein,et al.).

7. Modeling Team Performance: The Basic Ingredients andResearch Needs (E. Salas, et al.).

8. National Differences in Teamwork (H. Klein & A.McHugh).

9. How Well Did It Work? Measuring Organizational Performance inSimulation Environments (J. MacMillan, et al.).

10. Technical and Conceptual Challenges in OrganizationalSimulation (L. McGinnis).

11. Narrative Abstraction For Organizational Simulations (J.Murray).

12. Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation of Socio-TechnicalSystems (A. Shah & A. Pritchett).

13. Executable Models of Decision Making Organizations (A.Levis).

14. Organizational Design and Assessment in Cyber-Space (K.Carley).

15. Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications toOrganizational Simulation (S. Cross & S. Fouse).

16. Simulating Humans (I. Essa & A. Bobick).

17. Modeling Crowd Behavior For Military Simulation Applications(R. Loftin, et al.).

18. Application of Immersive Technology For Next GenerationSimulation (R. Lindheim & J. Korris).

19. From Viz-Sim to VR to Games: How We Build a Hit Game-BasedSimulation (M. Zyda, et al.).

20. Distributed Simulation and the High Level Architecture (R.Fujimoto).

21. Harnessing the Hive: Innovation as a Distributed Function inThe Online Game Community (J. Herz).

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Autor: William B. Rouse
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