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Autor: Bill Taylor
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Effective Environmental, Health, and Safety Management Using the Team Approach

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An important and highly actionable blueprint for optimum workplacesafety
Health and safety management is an ongoing concern in today'sworkplace. Effective Environmental, Health, and Safety ManagementUsing the Team Approach provides today's safety professionals withan excellent resource for protecting their organizations' mostimportant resource-their employees. The author, a seasoned healthand safety professional, provides a blueprint for installing asystem that's been proven to reduce illness and injury on any job,in any industry, with a simple, logical approach that comparessafety management to production and quality control-issues today'smanagers readily understand.

The system uses a team approach to get every level of anorganization involved in the process of managing safety issues,with the ultimate goal being the development of a safety culture inwhich every employee has a personal interest in protecting theirlives, their property, and their environment.

An ideal resource for industry managers as well as graduate-levelcourses in workplace safety and health, this text offers suchspecial features as:
* Important checklists, including OSHA-required training,OSHA-required inspections, and OSHA-required postings andlabeling
* Numerous health and safety resources, Web site addresses, andcontact information for related organizations
* Real-world examples that illustrate important health and safetyissues
* Helpful charts and forms to facilitate implementation of the teamapproach
* Frequently asked questions and answers for users of the system


1. The Hierarchy of Safety, Health and EnvironmentalManagement.

2. Understanding OSHA and Safety and Health Regulations.

3. The Basics of Managing Safety, Health and EnvironmentalPrograms.

4. The Facility Safety and Health Committee System.

5. The Safety Activities Task Group.

6. The Rules and Procedures Task Group.

7. The Education and Training Task Group.

8. The Inspections and Audits Task Group.

9. The Health and Environment Task Group.

10. The Fire and Emergency Task Group.

11. The Housekeeping Task Group.

12. The Incident Investigations Task Group.

13. The Security Task Group.

14. Safety and Health Responsibilities.

Appendix A: Tools and Forms.

Appendix B: Frequently Asked Questions.

Appendix C: Environmental, Safety, Health, and SecurityResources.


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Autor: Bill Taylor
ISBN-13 :: 9780471739395
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