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Helping Children and Families

A New Treatment Model Integrating Psychodynamic, Behavioral, and Contextual Approaches
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Bridging the gap between child and family therapy
Written by a nationally recognized expert on treatment, HelpingChildren and Families: A New Treatment Model IntegratingPsychodynamic, Behavioral, and Contextual Approaches presents apractical approach for helping children and their families workthrough a diverse array of issues. Goldenthal's clinical modeloffers specific techniques for working with children andadolescents, and shows the important connection that involvingfamilies in their treatment can make in therapeutic outcomes.Unlike other books that focus either on children or families, thisinsightful new work demonstrates how to help children in their ownunique family context.

The book features detailed advice on:
* How to create a therapeutic environment that supports everyperson in a family
* How to reassure an anxious parent
* How to engage very young children
* How to determine when a parent needs individual therapeutic workand how to engage the parent in this process
* The five most effective ways to confront a client and reach apositive outcome
* When to let a parent decide on the frequency of counseling visitsand when to set an agenda
* When to invite other people to participate in therapy
* When to refer clients for medication evaluation orneuropsychological testing

Goldenthal's integrated model offers a commonsense approach totreating childhood disorders. Addressing problems from earlychildhood to late adolescence, Helping Children and Familiesprovides an engaging and accessible guide to putting this approachinto practice.


SECTION ONE: Preparation.

1. Psychodynamic and Social Learning Concepts and Techniques forWorking with Children and Families.

2. Contextual Concepts and Techniques for Working with Childrenand Families.

3. Twenty-Three Basic Principles of Working with Children andFamilies.

4. Beginnings: First Sessions with Children, Adolescents, andFamilies.

5. Case Formulation with the Integrated Model.

6. Working with Parents.

SECTION TWO: Treatment Techniques for ResolvingSpecific Problems.

7. Applying the Integrated Model to the Treatment of Childrenand Families.

8. Problems of Early Childhood.

9. Problems of School-Age Children.

10. Problems of Adolescence.

11. Problems That May Be the Focus of Attention at Any Age.


12. Your Own Therapy Model.

Appendix A: Checklist for First Sessions.

Appendix B: The Psychology of Psychological Testing forChildren.

Appendix C: Protocol for Relaxation Training.


Author Index.

Subject Index.

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