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Autor: Judith Aron Rubin
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Child Art Therapy, 25th Anniversary Edition

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An innovative guide to the practice of art therapy
Since 1978, Judith Aron Rubin's Child Art Therapy hasbecome the classic text for conducting art therapy with children.Twenty-five years later, the book still stands as the reference formental health professionals who incorporate art into theirpractice. Now, with the publication of this fully updated andrevised Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition, which includes aDVD that illustrates art therapy techniques in actual therapysettings, this pioneering guide is available to train, inform, andinspire a new generation of art therapists and those seeking tointroduce art therapy into their clinical practice.

The text illustrates how to:
* Set the conditions for creative growth, assess progress, andset goals for therapy
* Use art in individual, group, and family situations, includingparent-child pairings, mothers' groups, and adolescent groups
* Work with healthy children and those with disabilities
* Guide parents through art and play
* Talk about art work and encourage art production
* Decode nonverbal messages contained in art and the art-makingprocess
* Use scribbles, drawings, stories, poems, masks, and othermethods to facilitate expression
* Understand why and how art therapy works

Along with the useful techniques and activities described,numerous case studies taken from Rubin's years of practice add avital dimension to the text, exploring how art therapy works in thereal world of children's experience. Original artwork from clientsand the author illuminate the material throughout. Written by aninternationally recognized art therapist, Child Art Therapy,Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition is a comprehensive guide forlearning about, practicing, and refining child art therapy.

DVD Contents.


Preface: 25th Anniversary Edition.


Changes in Art Therapy and Mental Health.

Changes in Organization and Content of the Book.

PART I: The Context.

1. Roots: Personal and Professional.

2. A Framework for Freedom.

3. Understanding Development in Art.

4. A Picture of the Therapeutic Process.

5. Some Ways to Facilitate Expression.

PART II: The Individual.

6. An Individual Art Evaluation.

7. Decoding Symbolic Messages.

8. Some Case Studies.

9. Case Illustration: Understanding and Helping.

PART III: The Family and the Group.

10. A Family Art Evaluation.

11. Family Art Therapy.

12. Art Therapy with Parents.

13. Group Art Therapy.

14. Multimodality Group Therapy.

PART IV: Art Therapy for Disabled Children.

15. Art as Therapy for Children with Disabilities.

16. Art Therapy with Disabled Children and Their Parents.

PART V: Art as Therapy for Everyone.

17. Helping the Normal Child through Art.

18. Helping Parents through Art and Play.

PART VI: General Issues.

19. What Child Art Therapy Is and Who Can Do It.

20. Why and How the Art Therapist Helps.

21. How the Art Therapist Learns through Research.

A Cautionary Note.



About the DVD.

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Autor: Judith Aron Rubin
ISBN-13 :: 9780471734659
ISBN: 0471734659
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 468
Sprache: Englisch
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