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Autor: Michael Pecht
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Parts Selection and Management

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Increase profitability and reduce risk through effective partsselection and management
Corporations recognize that technology can be the key to fuelingproduct design and development. But just as crucial-if not more-toa company's success are the decisions about when, what, and how atechnology will be used. Few companies have failed because theright technology was not available; many have failed when atechnology was not effectively selected and managed.

Parts Selection and Management is a guide to increasing companyprofitability and reducing the time-to-profit through the efficientmanagement of the process of parts selection and management. Takingan "eyes-on, hands-off" approach to parts selection, this guidebookaddresses risk-assessment, decision-making steps, and subsequentmanagement activities. The book covers everything frommethodologies for parts selection and management, productrequirements and specifications, and manufacturer assessmentprocedures to ways to track part changes through the supply chain,reliability assessment, and environmental, legislative, and legalissues.

Written by a seasoned professional, teacher, and author in thefield, the book enables companies to:
* Employ effective risk assessment and mitigation techniques
* Make an informed company-wide decision about parts selection andmanagement
* Choose parts to fit the functionality of the product and otherconstraints
* Maximize system supportability by preparing for partsobsolescence
* Improve supply-chain interactions and communications withcustomers and regulatory agencies to minimize time-to-profit

Shedding light on a neglected but essential aspect of productdevelopment, Parts Selection and Management will give yourorganization the tools you need to avoid the risks associated withproduct use while promoting flexibility, innovation, and creativityin your product development.

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Autor: Michael Pecht
ISBN-13 :: 9780471723875
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Seiten: 322
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