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Autor: Fred Rewey
ISBN-13: 9780471722694
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Sprache: Englisch
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Winning the Cash Flow War

Your Ultimate Survival Guide to Making Money and Keeping It
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A proven path to success for anyone seeking financial freedom intoday's challenging world
Discussing everything from effective budgeting to breaking intothe lucrative and fulfilling world of self-employment, nationallyrenowned cash flow expert Fred Rewey addresses the financialproblems everyone faces and then offers a practical guide toturning the corner from paying everyone to getting paid instead.People can find themselves so bombarded by bills, from credit cardsto mortgages to college tuitions, that they find it impossible tofocus on truly solving their money woes, once and for all. Winningthe Cash Flow War provides readers with tools and knowledge theyneed to fight back. His unique step-by-step battle plan reveals howanyone can dramatically transform their attitude about finances,and shore up their monetary well-being, by learning to see moneynot so much as a goal but as a tool--a tool ofself-empowerment that virtually anyone can master.

Fred Rewey is one of today's most sought-after speakers onentrepreneurism and financial success. President of the AmericanCash Flow Association and publisher of the American Cash FlowJournal, Rewey is seen by millions each month on television, andhas helped people at all financial levels take control of theirlives and turn their cash flow into a net positive.
Foreword (Robert G. Allen).


How to Use This Book.

Part One: Evaluating Your Troops.

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Cash Flow Academy.

Chapter 2: Planning Your Defense: Basic Training.

Chapter 3: Financial Assessment Test.

Chapter 4: Understanding the Importance of Budgeting.

Part Two: Understanding the Battlefield.

Chapter 5: Understanding Credit.

Chapter 6: Understanding Banking.

Chapter 7: Understanding Mortgages.

Chapter 8: Understanding Personal Loans.

Chapter 9: Cars and Car Loans.

Chapter 10: Understanding Insurance.

Part Three: Mastering the Rules of War.

Chapter 11: Accelerating Payments.

Chapter 12: Calculator Clarity.

Chapter 13: Taking Control of Your Retirement Accounts.

Chapter 14: Preparing to Pay for College.

Chapter 15: Playing the Market: Stocks, Options, and Mutual Funds.

Chapter 16: Bankruptcy and How to Avoid It.

Part Four: Building on Your Victory.

Chapter 17: Exploring Self-Employment.

Chapter 18: The Shortest Chapter in This Book.

Chapter 19: Marketing Your Business.

Chapter 20: Understanding Franchises.

Chapter 21: Bad Business "Opportunities" to Avoid.

Chapter 22: Cashing In on Cash Flow.

Chapter 23: The Real Estate Industry.

Chapter 24: Taxes and Your Business.

Chapter 25: Declaring Victory in the Cash Flow War.

Suggested Resources.




Calculator Worksheet.


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Autor: Fred Rewey
ISBN-13 :: 9780471722694
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Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 384
Sprache: Englisch
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