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Autor: Jeff Tian
ISBN-13: 9780471722335
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Software Quality Engineering

Wiley - IEEE
Testing, Quality Assurance, and Quantifiable Improvement
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The one resource needed to create reliable software
This text offers a comprehensive and integrated approach tosoftware quality engineering. By following the author's clearguidance, readers learn how to master the techniques to producehigh-quality, reliable software, regardless of the softwaresystem's level of complexity.

The first part of the publication introduces major topics insoftware quality engineering and presents quality planning as anintegral part of the process. Providing readers with a solidfoundation in key concepts and practices, the book moves on tooffer in-depth coverage of software testing as a primary means toensure software quality; alternatives for quality assurance,including defect prevention, process improvement, inspection,formal verification, fault tolerance, safety assurance, and damagecontrol; and measurement and analysis to close the feedback loopfor quality assessment and quantifiable improvement.

The text's approach and style evolved from the author's hands-onexperience in the classroom. All the pedagogical tools needed tofacilitate quick learning are provided:
* Figures and tables that clarify concepts and provide quick topicsummaries
* Examples that illustrate how theory is applied in real-worldsituations
* Comprehensive bibliography that leads to in-depth discussion ofspecialized topics
* Problem sets at the end of each chapter that test readers'knowledge

This is a superior textbook for software engineering, computerscience, information systems, and electrical engineering students,and a dependable reference for software and computer professionalsand engineers.

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Autor: Jeff Tian
ISBN-13 :: 9780471722335
ISBN: 0471722332
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 440
Sprache: Englisch
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