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Autor: David Soskin
ISBN-13: 9780470971352
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Net Profit

How to Succeed in Digital Business
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"This book has been written by an experienced entrepreneur who hasbuilt a highly successful online business. He understands thechallenges first hand, and gives readers invaluable advice aboutthe how they too can make it big in the digital world."--Luke Johnson, Chairman Risk Capital partners andFinancial Times columnist

Online business can be a goldmine - or a minefield. DavidSoskin, former CEO of Cheapflights and Chairman, has faced all the problems thrown up bybuilding a business on the Internet, and solved them. Here, heshows you how to:
* Convert a brilliant idea into something that actually pays
* Get the funding you need to expand
* Build a great team of staff and advisers
* Keep the cash flowing
* Go global!

Net Profit provides much needed inspiration andreassurance for would-be start ups and established businesses whowant to do more online.

"I wish this book had been written ten years ago when I firstentered the e-commerce industry."
--Glenn Fogel, EVP - Corporate Development andInternational,

"David Soskin combines the insightful mind of a top consultant,the hardened vision of a serial entrepreneur, and the practicalityof a successful businessman. Read this book!"

- Robin Buchanan, Adviser/Board member of multiplecompanies, previously the Dean and President of London BusinessSchool and also the UK Senior Partner of Bain & Company, theleading global consulting firm.


About the author.


Chapter 1: The Digital Revolution - A Short History.

Chapter 2: The Customers - Business Models.

Chapter 3: The Product.

Chapter 4: The Skills.

Chapter 5: The Cash.

Chapter 6: Marketing.

Chapter 7: The Rest of the World.

Chapter 8: The Future.


Selected Bibliography.


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Autor: David Soskin
ISBN-13 :: 9780470971352
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Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 328
Sprache: Englisch
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