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Autor: Guy Fraser-Sampson
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Private Equity as an Asset Class

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Unfairly reviled, and much misunderstood, private equity differsfrom all other asset classes in various important respects, notleast the way in which its fund mechanisms operate, and the way inwhich its returns are recorded and analysed. Sadly, high levelasset allocation decisions are frequently made on the basis ofprejudice and misinformation, rather than a proper appreciation ofthe facts.
Guy Fraser-Sampson draws upon more than twenty years ofexperience of the private equity industry to provide a practicalguide to mastering the intricacies of this highly specialist assetclass. Aimed equally at investors, professionals and businessschool students, it starts with such fundamental questions as'what is private equity?' and progresses to detailedconsideration of different types of private equity activity such asventure capital and buyout.

Rapid and significant changes in the environment during therecent financial crisis have prompted the need for a new edition.Separate chapters have been added on growth and developmentcapital, as well as secondary investing. Newly emergent issues areconsidered, such as lengthening holding periods and the possiblethreat of declining returns. Particular problems, such as the needto distinguish between private equity and hedge funds, areaddressed. The glossary has also been expanded. In short, readerswill find that this new edition takes their understanding of theasset class to new heights.

Key points include:
* A glossary of private equity terms
* Venture capital
* Buyout
* Growth capital
* Development capital
* Secondary investing
* Understanding private equity returns
* Analysing funds and returns
* How to plan a fund investment programme
* Detailed discussion of industry performance figures

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Autor: Guy Fraser-Sampson
ISBN-13 :: 9780470970539
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Seiten: 280
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