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Psychosis and Spirituality

Consolidating the New Paradigm
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The new edition of this successful text builds on the very latestresearch to present an original and unique exploration of thepsychology of both spirituality and psychosis. The editor bringstogether fascinating perspectives from a broad range ofdistinguished contributors.* This new edition covers the most recent body of research, bothqualitative and quantitative, in its exploration of the interfacebetween psychosis and spirituality, and investigation intoanomalous experiences
* Ten new chapters added and the remaining text completelyupdated
* New to this edition is an expanded clinical section, relevantto clinicians working with psychosis
* Offers a fundamental rethink of the concept of psychosis, andproposes new insights into spirituality
* Includes feature chapters from a distinguished list ofcontributors across a broad range of disciplines, including PeterFenwick, Peter Chadwick, David Kingdon, Gordon Claridge, NeilDouglas Klotz and David Lukoff
List of Figures.


Notes on Editor and Contributors.

1 Psychosis and Spirituality Revisited: The Frontier is OpeningUp! (Isabel Clarke).

Section 1. Neuropsychology.

2 The Neurophysiology of Religious Experience (PeterFenwick).

3 Cognitive Neuroscience, Spirituality and Mysticism: RecentDevelopments (B. Les Lancaster).

Section 2. Spirituality Revisited.

4 The Polarities of Consciousness (Natalie Tobert).

5 Missing Stories: Psychosis, Spirituality and the Developmentof Western Religious Hermeneutics (Neil Douglas-Klotz).

Section 3. The Mystical Face of Psychosis: The Psychotic Faceof Mysticism. The New Continuum.

6 'On Not Drinking Soup with a Fork': From Spiritual Experienceto Madness to Growth - A Personal Journey (Peter K.Chadwick).

7 Spiritual Experience: Healthy Psychoticism? (GordonClaridge).

8 'Psychopathology', 'Psychosis' and the Kundalini: Post-ModernPerspectives On Unusual Subjective Experience (RichardHouse).

Section 4. The Discontinuity Hypothesis and its PhilosophicalImplications.

9 Psychosis and Spirituality: The Discontinuity Model (IsabelClarke).

10 Knowledge and Reality (Chris Clarke).

Section 5. Research.

11 Are Delusions on a Continuum? The Case of Religious andDelusional Beliefs (Emmanuelle Peters).

12 The Paradigm-Shifting Hypothesis: A Common Process in BenignPsychosis and Psychotic Disorder (Mike Jackson).

13 Transformative Crises (Caroline Brett).

14 Exploring the Transliminal: Qualitative Studies (SharonWarwick and Roger Waldram).

Section 6. Clinical Implications.

15 'What is Real and What is Not': Towards a PositiveReconceptualisation of Vulnerability to Unusual Experiences(Isabel Clarke).

16 Visionary Spiritual Experiences (David Lukoff).

17 Learning to Become Centred and Grounded and Let the VoicesCome and Go (Nigel Mills).

18 Mapping Our Madness: The Hero's Journey as A TherapeuticApproach (Janice Hartley).

19 Spirituality, Psychosis and the Development of 'NormalisingRationales' (David Kingdon, Ron Siddle, Farooq Naeem and ShanayaRathod).

20 Endword (Isabel Clarke).



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Autor: Isabel Clarke
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