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Autor: Simon T. Kudnig
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Veterinary Surgical Oncology

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Veterinary Surgical Oncology provides in-depth coverage ofsurgical techniques for treating cancer in small animal patients.Organized by body system, each chapter presents detailed,well-illustrated descriptions of surgical procedures, withadditional information on diagnostic testing, aftercare, outcomes,and prognosis. Edited and authored by members of the VeterinarySociety of Surgical Oncologists, Veterinary SurgicalOncology's comprehensive coverage of surgical treatments forcancer provides an invaluable decision-making tool and is equallyuseful for veterinary surgeons and veterinary oncologists.
The book begins with introductory chapters on the principles ofsurgical oncology, multimodal therapy, and interventionalradiology, then presents chapters on surgical techniques in allanatomical structures, including procedures not well covered inexisting literature. The first book to focus on the surgicalaspects of cancer treatment, Veterinary Surgical Oncology isan essential reference for anyone with an interest in surgicaloncology.
List of Contributors ix

Preface xiii

1 Principles of Surgical Oncology 3
Nicole Ehrhart, William T.N. Culp

2 Multimodal Therapy 15
Tania A. Banks

3 Interventional Oncology 35
William T.N. Culp

4 Skin and Subcutaneous Tumors 55
Stewart Ryan, Erik G.H. Wouters, Sebastiaan van Nimwegen, JolleKirpensteijn

5 Head and Neck Tumors 87
Sara A. Ayres, Julius M. Liptak

6 Oral Tumors 119
Julius M. Liptak, B. Duncan X. Lascelles

7 Alimentary Tract 179
William T.N. Culp, Ryan P. Cavanaugh, Earl F. Calfee III, PaoloBuracco, Tania A. Banks

8 Respiratory Tract and Thorax 273
Marina Martano, Sarah Boston, Emanuela Morello, Stephen J.Withrow

9 Cardiovascular System 329
Simon T. Kudnig, Eric Monnet

10 Reproductive System 341
Maurine J. Thomson, Tara A. Britt

11 Urinary Tract 365
Nicholas J. Bacon, James P. Farese

12 Eyelids, Eye, and Orbit 383
B. Duncan X. Lascelles, Michael Davidson

13 Endocrine System 405
Bernard Séguin, Lisa Brownlee, Peter J. Walsh

14 Hemolymphatic System 443
Christine C. Warzee

15 Nervous System 465
Elaine R. Caplan

16 Musculoskeletal System 491
Julius M. Liptak, William S. Dernell, James P. Farese, Deanna R.Worley

Index 569

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Autor: Simon T. Kudnig
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Seiten: 620
Sprache: Englisch
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