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Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion

Canine and Feline Behavior
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Pet behavior problems are a leading cause of pet abandonment, relinquishment, abuse and neglect. As a reliable and educated source, veterinarians must help guide their clients in the right direction. Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion: Canine and Feline Behavior facilitates veterinarians in counseling clients and treating small animal behavior problems.
As part of the popular Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult series, this unique manual is designed as a quick reference for veterinarians and students alike. Information is readily available in a practical and easy-to-use format, with topics organized alphabetically for easy reference. Coverage includes typical problem behaviors in dogs and cats, such as various types of aggression, anxiety, fear, soiling and marking, vocalizing, and destructive behaviors. Appendices provide additional resources on psychopharmacology, learning and behavior modification, and client handouts, which can be downloaded electronically for easy use.



1. Acral Lick dermatitis: canine.

2. Aggression/Canine: Classification and overview.

3. Aggression/Canine: fear/defensive.

4. Aggression/Canine: food.

5. Aggression/Canine: human directed/familiar people.

6. Aggression/Canine: human directed/unfamiliar people.

7. Aggression/Canine: idiopathic.

8. Aggression/Canine: interdog/familiar dogs.

9. Aggression/Canine: interdog/unfamiliar dogs.

10. Aggression/Canine: possessive.

11. Aggression/Canine: redirected.

12. Aggression/Canine: territorial.

13. Aggression/Canine: veterinary office.

14. Aggression/Feline: classification and overview.

15. Aggression/Feline: fear/defensive.

16. Aggression/Feline: intercat.

17. Aggression/Feline: petting induced.

18. Aggression/Feline: play related.

19. Aggression/Feline: redirected.

20. Aggression/Feline: status related.

21. Aggression/Feline: territorial.

22. Aggression/Feline: veterinary office.

23. Aggression: Medical Differentials.

24. Anxiety disorders: general overview canine and feline.

25. Attention seeking behavior: canine and feline.

26. Begging: canine and feline.

27. Chewing: canine and feline.

28. Cognitive Dysfunction: canine and feline.

29. Compulsive disorder: canine and feline overview.

30. Coprophagia.

31. Destructive Play and exploration: feline.

32. Digging: canine.

33. Fear of people: canine and feline.

34. Fear of places and things: canine and feline.

35. Fear of the outdoors: canine.

36. Firework phobia.

37. Flank sucking.

38. Fly snapping.

39. Generalized anxiety.

40. Housesoiling: canine.

41. Housesoiling: feline.

42. Hyperactivity: canine and feline.

43. Jumping on people: canine.

44. Jumping on counters: feline.

45. Licking/excessive.

46. Marking: canine.

47. Mourning behavior: canine and feline.

48. Mouthing/play biting and aggressive play.

49. Nocturnal behavior: canine and feline.

50. Noise phobia: canine and feline.

51. Pica: canine and feline.

52. Predatory behavior: canine and feline.

53. Psychogenic alopeica/Overgrooming: feline.

54. Roaming: canine and feline.

55. Scratching behavior: feline.

56. Separation anxiety: canine and feline.

57. Shadow and light chasing: canine.

58. Stealing household objects: canine and feline.

59. Tail chasing and spinning: canine and feline.

60. Thunderstorm phobia.

61. Travel related problems.

62. Urine Marking: Feline.

63. Vocalization: canine and feline.

64. Wool sucking and fabric eating: feline.

Appendix A Pharmacology.

Appendix B Learning and Behavior modification.

Appendix C Additional resources for Veterinarians.

Appendix D Handouts

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