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Soil Genesis and Classification

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Soil Genesis and Classification, Sixth Edition, builds on the success of the previous editions to present an unparalleled resource on soil formation and classification. Featuring a color plate section containing multiple soil profiles, this text also includes information on new classification systems and emerging technologies and databases with updated references throughout. Covering the diverse needs of both the academic and professional communities, this classic text will be a must have reference for all those in soil science and related fields.
Authors vii
Preface to the First Edition ix

Preface to the Second Edition x

Preface to the Third Edition xi

Preface to the Fourth Edition xiii

Preface to the Fifth Edition xiv

Preface to the Sixth Edition xv

1. Introduction 3

2. Morphology and Composition of Soils 35

3. Soil-forming Factors: Soil as a Component ofEcosystems 89

4. Soil Materials and Weathering 141

5. Soil-forming Processes 163

6. Modern Soil Classification Systems 181

7. U.S. Soil Taxonomy 207

8. Alfisols: High Base Status Soils with Finer-texturedSubsoil Horizons 233

9. Andisols: Soils with Andic Soil Properties 249

10. Aridisols: Soils of Dry Regions 265

11. Entisols: Recently Formed Soils 283

12. Gelisols: Very Cold Soils 293

13. Histosols: Organic Soils 307

14. Inceptisols: Embryonic Soils with Few DiagnosticFeatures 321

15. Mollisols: Grassland Soils of Steppes and Prairies331

16. Oxisols: Low Activity Soils 349

17. Spodosols: Soils with Subsoil Accumulations of Humusand Sesquioxides 361

18. Ultisols: Low Base Status Soils with Finer-texturedSubsoil Horizons 375

19. Vertisols: Shrinking and Swelling Dark Clay Soils385

20. Spatial Arrangement of Soils: Soilscapes and MapUnits 397

21. Interpretations of Soil Surveys and Technical SoilClassification 425

Bibliography 437

Index 531

Color plate section located between pages 232 and 233

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Autor: Stanley W. Buol
ISBN-13 :: 9780470960608
ISBN: 0470960604
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 544
Sprache: Englisch
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