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Sustaining Soil Productivity in Response to Global Climate Change

Science, Policy, and Ethics
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Sustaining Soil Productivity in Response to Global ClimateChange: Science, Policy, and Ethics is amulti-disciplinary volume exploring the ethical, political andsocial issues surrounding the stewardship of our vital soilresources. Based on topics presented by an international group ofexperts at a conference convened through support of theOrganization for Economic Co-operation and Development, chaptersinclude scientific studies on carbon sequestration, ecosystemservices, maintaining soil fertility, and the effects of greenhousegas emissions, as well as ethical issues ranging from allocation ofland use to policies needed for climate change adaptation andmitigation.
Bringing together the latest research in soil science andclimatology, Sustaining Soil Productivity in Response to GlobalClimate Change is a valuable resource for soil and plantscientists, agronomists and environmental scientists, as well asagricultural and natural resources engineers and economists,environmental policy makers and conservationists.

Key Features:
* Written by an international group of authors representing across-section of scientists, thought leaders, andpolicy-makers
* Includes chapters on the potential effects of climate change onforest soil carbon, microbial function, and the role of soils andbiogeochemistry in the climate and earth system
* Explores historical development of land use ethics andstewardship
Sally Collins

Thomas J. Sauer, John M. Norman, and Mannava V. K. Sivakumar

Chapter 1, Science, Ethics, and the Historical Roots of
Our Ecological Crisis - Was White Right?
Thomas J. Sauer and Michael P. Nelson

Chapter 2, Intellectual Inertia: An Uneasy Tension between Collective Validation
of the Known and Encouraging Exploration of the Unknown
John M. Norman

Chapter 3, The Ethics of Soil: Stewardship, Motivation and Moral Framing
Paul B. Thompson

Chapter 4, Aldo Leopold and the Land Ethic: An Argument for Sustaining Soils
Susan L. Flader

Chapter 5, Rural Response to Climate Change in Poor Countries: Ethics,
Policies and Scientific Support Systems in their Agricultural Environment
C.J. (Kees) Stigter

Chapter 6, Soil and Human Health
Eiliv Steinnes

Chapter 7, Agroecological Approaches to Help 'Climate-Proof' Agriculture While
Raising Productivity in the 21st Century
Norman Uphoff

Chapter 8, Ecological Integrity and Biological Integrity: The Right To Food
Laura Westra

Chapter 9, Soil Ecosystem Services: Sustaining Returns on Investment into
Natural Capital
Brent E. Clothier, Alistair J. Hall, Markus Deurer, Steven R. Green, and Alec D. Mackay

Chapter 10, Climate and Land Degradation
Mannava V.K. Sivakumar

Chapter 11, The Role of Soils and Biogeochemistry in the Climate and Earth System
Elisabeth A. Holland

Chapter 12, Net Agricultural Greenhouse Gases: Mitigation
Strategies and Implications
Claudia Wagner-Riddle and Alfons Weersink

Chapter 13, Overview on Response of Global Soil Carbon Pools to Climate and
Land Use Changes
Thomas Eglin, Philippe Ciais, Shi Long Piao, Pierre Barré, Valentin Bellassen, Patricia Cadule, Claire Chenu, Thomas Gasser, Markus Reichstein, and Pete Smith

Chapter 14, Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Microbial Function in Soil -
The Effect of Elevated CO2 Concentration
Paolo Nannipieri

Chapter 15, Impacts of Climate Change on Forest Soil Carbon: Uncertainties
and Lessons From Afforestation Case Studies
Philip J. Polglase and Keryn I. Paul

Chapter 16, The Effect of Forest Management on Soil Organic Carbon
Giustino Tonon, Silvia Dezi, Maurizio Ventura, Francesca Scandellari

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