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Clarinet For Dummies

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David Etheridge
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Master the most popular woodwind
Want to play the clarinet? No problem! This hands-on guideteaches you all the fundamental techniques you need to play thispopular woodwind alone or in a group setting.

Clarinet For Dummies gives you the ideal introduction toplay clarinet. You?ll begin by learning how to properly hold aclarinet and move on to getting a consistent sound, reading music,and playing songs in a variety of styles, including classical, pop,and jazz.
* Step-by-step instruction on finger placement, posture, andbasic up-keep for the instrument
* Tips on how to buy or rent a clarinet
* Accompanying CD offers play-along recordings of every exercisefeatured in the book

Whether you?ve never held a clarinet or are looking to brush upon skills from your youth, Clarinet For Dummies is packedwith friendly, easy-to-follow instructions to have you playing thisversatile instrument with ease!

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials arenot included as part of eBook file.

Part I: Tuning Up with the Basics.

Chapter 1: So You Want to Play the Clarinet.

Chapter 2: Getting to Know the Clarinet.

Chapter 3: Picking the Right Clarinet for You.

Chapter 4: Grasping the Basics of Musical Notation.

Chapter 5: Assembling, Cleaning, and Caring for YourClarinet.

Part II: And a One, and a Two, and a Three: GettingStarted.

Chapter 6: Getting Your Body, Lungs, and Lips in the Game.

Chapter 7: Playing Your First Notes.

Chapter 8: Heading Lower, Higher, and In Between.

Chapter 9: Playing Between the Notes: Slurring and Tonguing.

Chapter 10: Rising Above and Beyond High C.

Part III: Above and Beyond: Essential IntermediateTechniques.

Chapter 11: Achieving a Great Clarinet Tone.

Chapter 12: Shaking It Up with Vibrato, Glissandos, Bends, andScoops.

Chapter 13: Taking Your Fingers to the Next Level: AdditionalFingerings.

Chapter 14: Turbo Tonguing and Faster Fingering.

Chapter 15: Tuning Up for Proper Pitch.

Chapter 16: Heading to the Practice Studio.

Chapter 17: Refining Your Reeds.

Chapter 18: Gaining Expertise and Exposure through the ClarinetCommunity.

Part IV: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten Insider Secrets to Great Clarinet Playing.

Chapter 20: Ten (Plus) Clarinetists You Gotta Hear.

Part V: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Fingering Charts.

Appendix B: About the CD.