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Autor: Peter Wilson
ISBN-13: 9780470868409
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The Essential Guide to Managing Small Business Growth

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A cliche it may be but we are living in ever more turbulent times.Business decision-making has become more challenging andunpredictable than ever: we see unforeseen and often cataclysmicchanges in consumer demand, both at home and in export markets;customers continue to demand more, more quickly and for less; newlaws and regulations abound; competitors steal loyal customers;and, increasingly, the advice that once could be found from a'Small Business Adviser' has been replaced by a call centre. Handin hand with these challenges, the risks associated with expansion,or a new strategy, have grown significantly. In the context of asmall business, where a manager has not necessarily had the breadthof experience of someone in a larger organization or formalmanagement learning, they can seem extremely daunting. This bookaddresses the issues confronting managers/owners of SMEs byproviding practical, jargon-free advice on which a SME can create asound platform from which to prosper.* Uncomplicated and jargon free to appeal to the SME director ormanager who has little time to read
* Can be used as a continuous read or a source of ides for dealingwith the day-to-day problems of running and growing a smallbusiness
* Based on the practical experience of the authors with examplestaken from consulting practice

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Autor: Peter Wilson
ISBN-13 :: 9780470868409
ISBN: 0470868406
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 316
Sprache: Englisch
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