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Error Correcting Coding and Security for Data Networks

Analysis of the Superchannel Concept
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Error correcting coding is often analyzed in terms of itsapplication to the separate levels within the data network inisolation from each other. In this fresh approach, theauthors consider the data network as a superchannel (amulti-layered entity) which allows error correcting coding to beevaluated as it is applied to a number of network layers as awhole. By exposing the problems of applying error correctingcoding in data networks, and by discussing coding theory and itsapplications, this original technique shows how to correct errorsin the network through joint coding at different networklayers.* Discusses the problem of reconciling coding applied todifferent layers using a superchannel approach
* Includes thorough coverage of all the key codes: linear blockcodes, Hamming, BCH and Reed-Solomon codes, LDPC codes decoding, aswell as convolutional, turbo and iterative coding
* Considers new areas of application of error correcting codessuch as transport coding, code-based cryptosystems and coding forimage compression
* Demonstrates how to use error correcting coding to control suchimportant data characteristics as mean message delay
* Provides theoretical explanations backed up by numerousreal-world examples and practical recommendations
* Features a companion website containing additional researchresults including new constructions of LDPC codes, jointerror-control coding and synchronization, Reed-Muller codes andtheir list decoding

By progressing from theory through to practical problem solving,this resource contains invaluable advice for researchers,postgraduate students, engineers and computer scientists interestedin data communications and applications of coding theory.

1 Problems Facing Error Control Coding in DataNetworks.

1.1 International Recommendations on Using Error Control Codingat Different Network Layers.

1.2 Classification of Problems on Coding in Networks.

2 Block Codes.

2.1 Main Definitions.

2.2 Algebraic Structures.

2.3 Linear Block Codes.

2.4 Cyclic Codes.

2.5 Bounds on Minimum Distance.

3 General Methods of Decoding of Linear Codes.

3.1 Minimum Distance Decoding.

3.2 Information Set Decoding.

3.3 A Supercode Decoding Algorithm.

3.4 The Complexity of Decoding in the Channel with IndependentErrors.

4 Codes with Algebraic Decoding.

4.1 Hamming Codes.

4.2 Reed-Solomon Codes.

4.3 BCH Codes.

4.4 Decoding of BCH Codes.

4.5 The Sudan Algorithm and its Extensions.

5 Decoding of LDPC Codes.

5.1 Low-Density Parity-Check Codes.

5.2 LDPC Constructions.

5.3 Estimating the Minimum Distance of EG-LDPC Codes.

5.4 Burst-Error-Correcting LDPC Codes.

5.5 Decoding Schemes of LDPC Codes.

5.6 Simulation Results in AWGN.

Appendix 5.A Euclidean Geometries.

6 Convolutional Codes and Turbo-Codes.

6.1 Convolutional Codes Representation and Encoding.

6.2 Viterbi Decoding Algorithm.

6.3 List Decoding.

6.4 Sequential Decoding.

6.5 Parallel-Concatenated Convolutional Codes and Soft InputSoft Output Decoding.

6.6 SISO Decoding Algorithms.

7 Coding of Messages at the Transport Layer of the DataNetwork.

7.1 Decreasing the Message Delay with the help of TransportCoding.

7.2 Transmission of Message during Limited Time.

7.3 Transmission of Priority Messages without using PriorityPackets .

7.4 Estimation of the Effectiveness of Transport Coding for theNonexponential Model of Packet Delay.

8 Providing Security of Data in a Network with the Help ofCoding Methods.

8.1 Public-Key Cryptography.

8.2 Codebased Cryptosystems: McEliece and Niederreiter.

8.3 Cryptosystems Based on Full Decoding.

8.4 Further Development of Codebased Cryptosystems.

8.5 Codebased Cryptosystems and RSA: Comparison andPerspectives.

8.6 Codebased Signature.

9 Reconciliation of Coding at Different Layers of aNetwork.

9.1 Transport Coding in a Network with Unreliable Channels.

9.2 Reconciliation of Channel and Transport Coding.

9.3 Use of Tornado Codes for Reconciliation of Channel andTransport Coding.

9.4 Development of Coding Methods at the Presentation Layer.

9.5 Reconciliation of Coding at Neighbour Layers of aNetwork.


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