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The Assessment and Treatment of Women Offenders

Wiley Series in Forensic Clinical Psychology
An Integrative Perspective
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There is a large body of research that provides guidance for thoseworking with offenders on how they should be treated once they arein the correctional system. The problem is that most, if not allthis research has been conducted on all male populations and it isassumed that women offenders are the same. However, women havedifferent needs and support systems than men in some areas of theirlives and it is unclear whether all research based on men can begeneralized in this way.
The book provides a review of the research literature to guideevidence-based practice in the assessment and treatment of adultfemale offenders. An historical overview of women's crime andimprisonment will be followed by a global review of varioustheories of female criminality. The remainder of the bookreviews the psychology of criminal conduct, with a specific focuson three psychological principles of effective intervention: risk,need and responsivity. Respectively, these principles set the"who", "what" and "how" forcorrectional intervention.
About the Authors.

Series Editors' Preface.



1. The Extent and Nature of Female Offending and IncarcerationPatterns.

2. Theories of Female Offending.

3. Assessment for Classification of Women Offenders.

4. Assessing Women's Risk.

5. Assessing Women's Needs.

6. Responsivity, Treatment and Women Offenders.

7. Conclusion.



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Autor: Kelley Blanchette
ISBN-13 :: 9780470864630
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