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E-learning Strategies

How to Get Implementation and Delivery Right First Time
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As more than 90% of spending on the Internet comes from brick andmortar companies it is these operations that will form the clientbase for e-learning. This book shows those companies how to gete-learning implementation right first time. Don Morisson exploresand explains the whole implementation continuum - strategy, vendorselection, technology, implementation, culture change, contentdevelopment and delivery. Most importantly he stresses that thesuccess or failure of an e-learning initiative is directly relatedto the underlying strategic thinking. Written for a more mature,second generation e-learning market the book provides apractitioner's handbook to both guide the novice and inform theveteran.* Focuses on the reader's needs
* Focuses on the strategic issues of e-learning
* Informed by key business drivers
* Supported and endorsed by PWC
Readership: Senior managers including CEOs, CIOs, CLOs, HRDirectors, middle management responsible for implementing and/ordelivering e-learning, consultants

Part I: E-Learning Primer.

Chapter 1: Defining Terms:Get Comfortable with E-Learning.

Chapter 2: The New Learning Landscape:E-Learning Is Here toStay.

Chapter 3: ROI, Metrics, And Evaluation:How Can We Tell If We'reGetting It Right?

Chapter 4: The E-Learning Cycle:Once Is Not Enough.

Part II: Learning Strategy.

Chapter 5: Business Drivers:The Real Reasons for ImplementingE-Learning.

Chapter 6: E-Learning Strategy:Dramatically Improve Your Chanceof Success.

Part III: Implementation.

Chapter 7: The Project Team:Who You Need ... What TheyDo.

Chapter 8: Infrastructure:Denial Isn't an Option.

Chapter 9: Vendor Relationships:Good Partners Help You Learn andMove Fast.

Chapter 10: Learning Management Systems:The Engines ofE-Learning.

Chapter 11: Testing:Mission-Critical, Not Nice to Have.

Part IV: Delivery.

Chapter 12: Multi-Channel Delivery:Leveraging the Learning ValueChain.

Chapter 13: Learner Support:Learning With the Aid of a SafetyNet.

Chapter 14: Developing Curricula:Signposted Paths to PerformanceImprovement.

;Chapter 15: E-Learning Standards:Protecting Investment andLeveraging Technology.

Chapter 16: Instructional Design:Must Try Harder.

Chapter 17: The Content Development Process:ManagingE-Learning's Payload.

Part V: Case Studies.

Chapter 18: PwC Consulting:Integrating Learning andKnowledge.

Chapter 19: BP:Embedding an E-Learning Capability.

Chapter 20: The Royal Bank of Scotland Group:Delivering in anImmature Market.

Chapter 21: The Dow Chemical Company:High Commitment, High ROI,High Volume.

Part VI: Future Directions.

Chapter 22: Future Directions:Where E-Learning Is Headed.


Appendix 1: E-Learning Newsletters.

Appendix 2: Online Resources.

Appendix 3: Glossary.


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Autor: Don Morrison
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