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Ecological and Environmental Toxicology Series
An Ecotoxicological Perspective
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Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), or polyarenes, are one ofthe largest and most structurally diverse class of organicmolecules known. High percentages of polyarenes, representing awide range of molecular sizes and structural types, are present incoal tars and petroleum residues. The major sources of PAHs arecrude oil, coal and oil shale. The fuels produced from these fossilsources constitute the primary source of energy for the industrialnations of the world, and the petrochemicals from these rawmaterials are the basis of the synthetic fibre and plasticsindustries. PAHs are however, widespread pollutants and theirimpact on the environment and human health must be monitored andcontrolled.
This book will review and assess our scientific understanding ofthe ecological exposure and effects PAHs have in differentenvironments and habitats. It will accomplish this by taking therecipients of the pollution in the environment as starting pointsand working its way back through pathways to access what isrequired for our understanding of effects and rationale forcontrol.

Although this book will concentrate on ecological exposure of PAHs,the general impacts of PAHs on human populations will be touchedupon. It is thought to be the first book to focus on the ecologicalaspects of PAHs.
List of Contributors.

Series Foreword.

Part I: Introduction and Rationale.

Introduction (P. Douben).

Part II: General Characteristics of PAHs.

The Sources, Transport, and Fate of PAHs in the MarineEnvironment (J. Latimer and J. Zheng).

Geochemistry of PAHs in Aquatic Environments: Source,Persistence and Distribution (R. Burgess, et al.).

Photochemical Reactions of PAHs in the Atmosphere (J. Arey andR. Atkinson).

Metabolic Activation of PAHs: Role of DNA Adduct Formation inInduced Carcinogenesis (F. Akcha, et al.).

Biodegradation and General Aspects of Bioavailability (F.Volkering and A. Breure).

Part III Bioavailability, Exposure and Effects in EnvironmentalCompartments.

An Overview of the Partitioning and Bioavailability of PAHs inSediments and Soils (R. Burgess, et al.).

Bioavailability, Uptake and Effects of PAHs in AquaticInvertebrates in Field Studies (P. den Besten, et al.).

Bioaccumulation of PAHs in Marine Invertebrates (J. Meador).

Uptake and Accumulation of PAHs by Terrestrial Invertebrates (R.Achazi and C. Van Gestel).

Ecotoxicological Studies Focusing on Marine and Freshwater Fish(J. Payne, et al.).

Effects of PAHs on Terrestrial and Freshwater Birds, Mammals andAmphibians (H. Malcolm & R. Shore).

Effects of PAHs on Marine Birds, Mammals and Reptiles (P. Albersand T. Loughlin).

PAH Interactions with Plants: Uptake, Toxicity andPhytoremediation (B. Greenberg).

Assessing Risks from Photoactivated Toxicity of PAHs to AquaticOrganisms (G. Ankley, et al.).

Biomarkers and PAHs -- Prospects for the Assessment ofExposure and Effects in Aquatic Systems (R. Altenburger, etal.).

Part IV Integration of Information on PAHs.

Approaches to Developing Sediment Quality Guidelines for PAHs(D. Mount, et al.).

Managing Risks from PAHs (G. Whale, et al.).


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