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War and Peace in the Ancient World

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Kurt A. Raaflaub
Ancient World: Comparative Histories
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This book is the first to focus on war and peace in the ancientworld from a global perspective.
* * The first book to focus on war and peace in the ancientworld

* Takes a global perspective, covering a large number of earlycivilizations, from China, India and West Asia, through theMediterranean to the Americas

* Features contributions from nineteen distinguished scholars,all of whom are experts in their fields

* Offers remarkable insights into the different ways in whichancient societies dealt with a common human challenge

* Requires no prior historical knowledge, making it suitable fornon-specialists
Series Editor's Preface vii

Notes on Contributors ix

1 Introduction: Searching for Peace in the Ancient World 1
Kurt A. Raaflaub

2 Making War and Making Peace in Early China 34
Robin D. S. Yates

3 Ancient India: Peace Within and War Without 53
Richard Salomon

4 Water under the Straw: Peace in Mesopotamia 66
Benjamin R. Foster

5 Making, Preserving, and Breaking the Peace with the Hittite State 81
Richard H. Beal

6 Conflict and Reconciliation in the Ancient Middle East: The Clash of Egyptian and Hittite Chariots in Syria, and the World's First Peace Treaty between "Superpowers" 98
Lanny Bell

7 From Achaemenid Imperial Order to Sasanian Diplomacy: War, Peace, and Reconciliation in Pre-Islamic Iran 121
Josef Wiesehofer

8 War and Reconciliation in the Traditions of Ancient Israel: Historical, Literary, and Ideological Considerations 141
Susan Niditch

9 "They Shall Beat Their Swords into Plowshares": A Vision of Peace Through Justice and Its Background in the Hebrew Bible 161
Thomas Kruger

10 "Laughing for Joy": War and Peace Among the Greeks 172
Lawrence A. Tritle

11 War and Reconciliation in Greek Literature 191
David Konstan

12 War, Peace, Fear and International Law in Ancient Greece 206
Victor Alonso

13 War and Peace, Fear and Reconciliation at Rome 226
Nathan Rosenstein

14 The Price of Peace in Ancient Rome 245
Carlin A. Barton

15 The Gates of War (and Peace): Roman Literary Perspectives 256
Jeri Blair DeBrohun

16 Early Christian Views on Violence, War, and Peace 279
Louis J. Swift

17 Fight for God-But Do So with Kindness: Reflections on War, Peace, and Communal Identity in Early Islam 297
Fred M. Donner

18 Peace, Reconciliation, and Alliance in Aztec Mexico 312
Ross Hassig

19 War and Peace in the Inca Heartland 329
Catherine Julien

20 The Long Peace Among Iroquois Nations 348
Neta C. Crawford

Index 369