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Autor: Simon Burtonshaw-Gunn
ISBN-13: 9780470689622
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Sprache: Englisch
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Essential Tools for Management Consulting

Tools, Models and Approaches for Clients and Consultants
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The second book in the Essential Tools For series...on the topic of Management Consulting
Based on Simon Burtonshaw-Gunn's successful The EssentialManagement Toolbox, this book focuses in greater depth on thetopic of Management Consulting. This second book looks at how amanagement consultant needs to think, view and analyse the workingsof an existing organisation in order to efficiently and effectivelywork to improve the issues facing a business.
* Check out the new series website featuring sample chapters,tool of the month and solve your management problems by talkingdirect to the author
* Second title in a new series that expands on the information inSimon Burtonshaw-Gunn's The EssentialToolbox
* This volume includes 30% new material in the form of new toolsand techniques for guiding consultants
* Covers: Development of Management Consultancy; Problemresolution and Decision Making; Top 10 Tools for ConsultancyInterventions; Consultancy delivery and Facilitation; ConsultancyGovernance and Ethics
* Active author, Simon Burtonshaw-Gunn speaks regularly
* Easy to use practical tools and techniques guiding theconsultant and business person through their organisationalconflicts

About the Author: Simon Burtonshaw-Gunn is a practisingmanagement consultant with over 30 years experience in both thepublic and private sectors and covering a range of organizationsand industries. He holds two Master's degrees and a PhD in variousStrategic Management topics. This second book includes a forward byMalik Salameh.

Foreword by Dr Malik Salameh.

About the author.


1. The Profession of Management Consultancy.

2. Developing Management Consultancy.

3. The Management of Consultancy Projects.

4. Consultancy Delivery.

5. Top-ten Consultancy Tools.





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Autor: Simon Burtonshaw-Gunn
ISBN-13 :: 9780470689622
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Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 162
Sprache: Englisch
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