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Autor: Jerald Kay
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Mental Health Care in the College Community

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Mental health concerns are the most serious and prevalent healthproblems among students in higher education. Increasingly effectivepsychopharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatments havefacilitated matriculation for students with histories of anxiety,mood, personality, eating and substance abuse disorders. Thisphenomenon has been accompanied by a striking increase in thenumber of previously undiagnosed students requesting treatment.College and university mental health programs struggle to care forlarger numbers of students, necessitating greater interdisciplinarycollaboration in treatment, research, outreach, and educationalservices.
This book fills an important gap in the literature and providesa comprehensive resource for nearly every aspect of college mentalhealth. It includes a strong emphasis on the training and educationof graduate and professional students for future work in thisfield. Chapters are devoted to the significant ethical and legalissues related to treatment and associated administrative andpolicy challenges. Scholarly chapters on the promise of communitymental health and public health approaches are especiallyinnovative. There is also a chapter on international issues incollege mental health which will be helpful to those studentsstudying abroad. Mental Health Care in the College Communityis written by acknowledged experts from mental health, college anduniversity administration, legal and educational disciplines, allwith extensive administrative and clinical experience in highereducation settings. This book is clearly written and wellillustrated with abundant tables, charts, and figures.

This text will become essential reading for college mentalhealth clinicians, graduate students in the mental healthdisciplines (psychiatry, psychology, counselling, nursing, andsocial work), student affairs deans and their staff, and evenpresidents or provosts of universities and colleges.

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Autor: Jerald Kay
ISBN-13 :: 9780470686843
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Seiten: 396
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