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Autor: Jim Rogers
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A Gift to my Children

A Father's Lessons for Life and Investing
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When I was a boy, my father often pulled me aside to convey lessonsintended to build what we generally refer to as "character". Oftenhis advice was very simple -- work hard, think for yourself,do right by others -- but I believe those lessons provided thefoundation for everything that has followed in my life. Now thatI'm a dad myself, I wanted to put them down in one place, withexamples of my own experiences, as a guide to life, adventure, andinvesting, both for my young daughters and for anyone seekingsuccess in his or her chosen field. I hope that parents will beinspired to give this book to their children, and vice versa, asmany of the lessons that I have learned apply not just to youngpeople but to all adults--for example, question everything,never follow the crowd, and beware of boys!
What a lovely, lovely book! Though I've read all you'vewritten, this one really touched me. It is, of course, a loveletter to your daughters, which is not only a wonderful, meaningfulthing to do, but it was filled with exactly the kind of advice allfathers should give. Your new book will stay on my shelf for along, long time, and I'll be giving it to my own kids toread.
--Nicholas Sparks, author of The Notebook, DearJohn, and The Last Song


1. Swim Your Own Races: Do Not Let Others Do Your Thinking forYou.

2. Focus on What You Like.

3. Good Habits for Life and Investing.

4. Common Sense? Not So Common.

5. Your Education, Part I: Let the World Be a Part of YourPerspective.

6. Your Education, Part II: Learn Philosophy; Learn to"Think".

7. Your Education, Part III: Learn History!

8. Your Education, Part IV: Learn Languages (and Make Sure ThatMandarin Is One of Them!)

9. It Is the Century of China.

10. Know Thyself by Understanding Your Weaknesses andAcknowledging Your Mistakes.

11. Recognize Change and Embrace It.

12. Look to the Future!

13. Lady Luck Smiles on Those Who Continue in Their Efforts.


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Autor: Jim Rogers
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