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The Powerful 10-Step Personal and Career Success Program
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From the Introduction by Alex Gill
Before embarking on the A.I.M. program, I was just an ordinaryguy with a problem that many, many others have had at some point intheir careers. I was unhappy. I was becomingbitter. I complained about my job a lot. I knew I was in arut and couldn't figure out what to do about it. I feltpowerless, unfocused and alone. And I didn't see a way I could makethings improve. That was my starting point before I began theA.I.M. process.

Today, I run my own firm that helps dozens of nonprofits improvetheir community impact each year. I work on very interesting andsocially relevant projects for an ever-growing roster of clients. Ihave flown around the world to talk about community building,environmentalism and social marketing. I also teach at aninnovative downtown university where the students are a joy toteach and my fellow professors often remark on my enthusiasm for mywork and life in general. My friends and family constantly notethat I seem happier and more motivated as the years go by.

This did not happen because of some exceptional piece of luck -nor because of some superhuman ability or intelligence on my part... I was someone who happened upon a method - the A.I.M. method -that helped me determine who I was and what inspired me, and thenput me on the path to achieving it. It happened because I put thoseprinciples into action with the help and guidance of a coach likeJim Carlisle.

I hope as you read this book that you will appreciate how A.I.M.changed my life - and how it could help you change yours. Jim and Ihave taken the better part of a year to write this book because webelieve in strongly in helping those who need a way out. Every daywe see people who would benefit from taking charge of their livesand moving forward to achieve, inspire and make a difference.

If you see a bit of yourself in my story - or in the dozens ofstories we will share in this book -- read on. I hopeyour journey is even more productive and rewarding than my own.

Preface How Coaching Changed My Life--and Can ChangeYours.

Introduction What Is the A.I.M. Method All About?

Part I: Why A.I.M. Matters.

Chapter 1 Making the Choice.

Chapter 2 What Makes People Happy, Really?

Part II: The 10-Step Process.

Chapter 3 (Un)willing and Able? Starting Your Journey throughthe A.I.M. Process.

Chapter 4 Mapping the Four-Dimensional You.

Chapter 5 Sketching Success.

Chapter 6 Reviewing What's Important.

Chapter 7 Cashing a Reality Check.

Chapter 8 Asking the Hard Questions.

Chapter 9 Road Mapping Your Options.

Chapter 10 Filling Up Your Toolkit.

Chapter 11 NET Growth: Networking, Exploring, Transforming.

Chapter 12 A.I.M. in Constant Motion.

Part III: Wrapping Up and Looking Forward.

Epilogue A.I.M. in a Shifting Market.

Appendix Further Reading Recommendations.

About the Authors.


Index of Case Studies.

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Autor: Jim Carlisle
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