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Autor: Allan Schweyer
ISBN-13: 9780470675441
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Seiten: 320
Sprache: Englisch
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Talent Management Systems

Best Practices in Technology Solutions for Recruitment, Retention and Workforce Planning
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Talent Management Systems addresses the transformationWeb-based technologies have brought to workforce acquisition andmanagement. It examines proven and leading-edge best practices, andwhat tactics and strategies organizations should employ to remaincompetitive in this arena. The book is part practical, offeringadvice on how to institute best practices in e-recruitment andtalent management, and strategic, discussing trends and state ofthe art technology and practices that should be adopted or avoided.
"We're at the brink of the next global battle in the war fortalent, and companies with a firm grasp on today's technologies,and the best view over the horizon, are positioned to win. No oneunderstands the intersection of talent and technology better thanAllan Schweyer and, as this book demonstrates, no one tells us thestory as clearly as he. This is an essential read and an importantwork in the now-critical discipline of human capitalmanagement."
--Michael Foster, CEO, AIRS, and Author of Recruiting onthe Web

"Allan Schweyer has been on the leading edge of recruitmenttechnology since the dawn of the Internet. In many ways theInternet has created more confusion than solutions for the world ofrecruiting and talent management. It has certainly made things morecomplex. HR professionals and even company presidents have becomedesperate for clarity on the future of talent management-AllanSchweyer's book provides that clarity and establishes him as theauthority on web-based hiring and talent management. No majorimplementation decision should be made without this invaluableguide."
--Graham Donald, President, Brainstorm Consulting

"Talent management has suddenly gone from being a nice idea to acore business function. No one knows more about this new function,and the technologies that make it possible, than AllanSchweyer."
--David Creelman, Senior Contributing Editor,, and Independent Human Capital Analyst

"Once again, Schweyer has produced the best writing in NorthAmerica on this subject, which I've covered for fifteenyears."
--Bill Kutik, Technology Columnist, Human ResourceExecutive

"As corporate executives quickly come to the shockingrealization that the global workforce-and how that talent ismanaged and developed both locally and globally--will almostunilaterally determine their future success in global markets, fewworkforce experts have bothered to provide business leaders with auseful compass and map for the next chapter of workforcemanagement. Mr. Schweyer generously and eloquently provides thetalent compass and workforce map for the first pragmatic steps ofthe new global journey."
--John Chaisson, CEO, Global Workforce Solutions

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Autor: Allan Schweyer
ISBN-13 :: 9780470675441
ISBN: 0470675446
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 320
Sprache: Englisch
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