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Statistics for Sensory and Consumer Science

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As we move further into the 21st Century, sensory and consumerstudies continue to develop, playing an important role in foodscience and industry. These studies are crucial for understandingthe relation between food properties on one side and human likingand buying behaviour on the other.
This book by a group of established scientists gives acomprehensive, up-to-date overview of the most common statisticalmethods for handling data from both trained sensory panels andconsumer studies of food.

It presents the topic in two distinct sections:problem-orientated (Part I) and method orientated (Part II), makingit to appropriate for people at different levels with respect totheir statistical skills.

This book succesfully:
* Makes a clear distinction between studies using a trainedsensory panel and studies using consumers.
* Concentrates on experimental studies with focus on how sensoryassessors or consumers perceive and assess various productproperties.
* Focuses on relationships between methods and techniques and onconsidering all of them as special cases of more generalstatistical methodologies

It is assumed that the reader has a basic knowledge ofstatistics and the most important data collection methods withinsensory and consumer science.

This text is aimed at food scientists and food engineers workingin research and industry, as well as food science students atmaster and PhD level. In addition, applied statisticians withspecial interest in food science will also find relevantinformation within the book.

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